Pimcore: Automation of publication of product catalog for printing

05.03.2020 Angelika Siczek
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Did you know that printing a product catalog with Pimcore has become much easier than before? All this thanks to the technological partnership of Priint and Pimcore, which was created to facilitate the entire process of publishing catalogs. See how automation works, to know if it is worth using it in your business.

What is Priint?

Priint is a tool for publishing databases and for automating catalogs in the Adobe InDesign package. It helps in reducing the number of routine tasks that must be performed by introducing automatic solutions that perfectly replace the tedious work of individuals.

The creator of the WERK II software eagerly established cooperation with the digital open source software support platform – Pimcore. The development of common data exchange standards enabled a partnership that facilitated integration and streamlined the connection.

What is the automation of publication of product catalog for printing?

Thanks to the printing option, new offline marketing channels are gained. So let’s use its power to reach a different audience also outside the Internet. It is worth remembering that it is as relevant and dynamic advertising channel as online promotional activities.

Pimcore allows its users to use all the basic data to create, publish, target and create personalised and contextual content for printing. In turn, thanks to WERK II Priint is a package for automatic multi-channel publishing suitable for many different industries. So if you need to publish basic data in different types of publications (e.g. catalogs, brochures or leaflets) and in different channels, it will certainly help you with this task. Priint can be combined with Pimcore quickly and efficiently. This is because of the use of service-oriented and event-oriented Pimcore architecture, and through extensive APIs.

Who benefits from it? Certainly Adobe InDesign users. Thanks to this connection, you gain direct access to all structured data managed in Pimcore. You can also work directly with your data and publish it using Comet – the WERK II Adobe InDesign plugin. You can also use publishing using a hub or whiteboard thanks to InDesign Server running in the background.

How does the Pimcore and Werk II Partnership work?

Both Pimcore and WERK II offer the implementation of their software solutions through a network of partner agencies. To create their technology partnership, Elements (Pimcore’s strategic partner) and Premedia (official partner of WERK II Enterprise Solution) implemented their project. They tested it on a living organism – J. u. A. Frischeis (JAF Group) of wood and wood material wholesalers in Europe – automating the production of the catalog. The operation was successful, that’s why the companies introduced their solution to the regular offer.

Why are Pimcore and Priint effective solutions?

Pimcore and Priint are two complementary solutions. Together, they build a marketing platform for managing model data and for performing automatic production (printing) of catalogs. If you use them in your manufacturing or retail company, you will improve the work of your marketing department, sales department and product department. They will start working quickly and without unnecessary errors. Do you care about running a modern business and introducing proven improvements? Use Pimcore!

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