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01.02.2013 Angelika Siczek

Despite the fact of weak economic situation in the UK, m-commerce market in the UK continues to develop. The British e-commerce development contains the widespread part of their national economics, which progresses in an  impressive pace. What are the forecasts for the current year? E-commerce in Uk is planned to grow for an about 11.5% which means the suplementary 87 billion pounds (138 billion dollars). As distinct from the previous year which finances were calculating around 78 billion pounds, this may be treated as a huge step forward. These results are provided by the United Kingdom’s  Capgemini e-retail association analysis, an Interactive Media in Retail Group.


Both Capgemini and Interactive Media in Retail Group’s results also inform that 2012was a year during which the m-commerce has both appeared and began its developement. In accordance to the 2011, the number of tablets and cellphones has growed up to 304%. This evantuate in the new era durning which we spent more time doing shopping through the phone than making classical calls.

According to Shop Direct Group, in December the number of purchases growed to 61 thousand of tablets and. For the first time in the history the bestseller lists of toys has its own number one- tablets.


Gareth Jones, Shop Direct’s strategy director comments:


“Looking at the 2012, certainly in 2013, we will focus on the mobile market, and personalization. They will be at the forefront of our e-commerce activities. Sales through mobile devices represent 37% of our revenue online, an increase of about 20 percentage points. “


In December 2012 e-sales increased by 17.5%, as of November 2012 – by 12%. Interestingly, the average conversion over the last two months, instead of rising by at least 1%, began to decrease slightly. Compared with the high sales, this decline may suggest that clients use the Internet to research purchases. Capgemini and IMRG add that the further collapse of the market in the UK may result in that more customers will find on the web more interesting and better offers.


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