How does PIM increase profits in eCommerce?

01.12.2020 Angelika Siczek
pim increases ecommerce sales

What makes you successful in online sales? This is due to many factors. Among other things, the appearance of your store, the right choice of sales platform, the ability to attract customers with your offer, as well as a well-optimized website. These are obviously not all elements, as many more aspects influence the success of e-commerce platforms. The attention paid to their development must be evenly distributed among them. However, one of the most important may be product information management. If you sell in many channels at the same time, you need a solution that will not only improve control over information about products, but also guarantee you an advantage over the competition in this field. PIM (Product Information Management) solutions that centralize efforts to store information about products can be a great solution for you.


Why is the right product information important? 

Building a special relationship with the customer is essential in the e-commerce industry. The competition is awake, so invest in the best solutions to get good sales results. However, what will attract the customer for longer and make him visit the store again? First of all, building his trust through reliable and extensive information about the product. This is the first step towards increasing your conversion rate, and often a guarantee that the consumer will come back to you for more and recommend your services to friends.


Properly informing the client will not only prove your sincere passion for selling the highest quality products, but also distinguish you from the competition. How often have you seen vague and laconic information on other e-commerce sites or copied from the manufacturer’s website without paying any attention to its quality? If you stand out from them, you will certainly meet the expectations of customers. If, on the other hand, you do not respond to buyers’ needs, the prospect of having a large selection of alternative stores may lead you to leave your site and shop elsewhere.


Good product information will also increase the number of visits to your website. Why? Thanks to well-structured descriptions, created for an internet search engine, you will increase your position in Google search results. Thanks to the optimization of texts for SEO, customers will find your website easier and find what they need faster.


4 proven solution for a growing company


There are several best practices you can try to improve product information in your store.



You need a tool that will allow you to efficiently expand product information and lead to its unification throughout the entire range and all channels. Being able to validate and correct errors and catch duplicates and exceptions will also be useful. Such functions will allow you to constantly refine product information. This will positively affect not only sales, but also customer satisfaction with the transaction. The number of returns due to incorrect information will also decrease.


Foreign expansion

In the case of PIM, it is about a central database, kept especially for you. Centralizing this service allows you to work on many sales channels at the same time. So you gain not only the  speed of operation, but also integration in all segments which you need. Another challenge facing the PIM tool is expansion into foreign markets. During the expansion, linguistic translation of product information for the needs of many separate channels can be quite a challenge. However, thanks to the PIM system, all subsequent changes to the description do not have to be introduced separately for each channel and language. The so far tedious and troublesome process makes it pleasant.


Switch to new channels

Another advantage that PIM offers is the acceleration of the transition to a new channel. What’s connected with it? Countless changes in the pricing and discount policy, in the type and size of the assortment, as well as in product descriptions. Certainly the last thing you want to think about is the endless verification of the product description, especially as you develop new sales channels. If you want all descriptions to be as detailed as in other channels, because it gives you an advantage over the competition, you must use the PIM repository.


Priority sale

Introducing products that bring you immediate profits quickly can get you trouble. Especially if it is a completely new product or with a wide technical specification. Fortunately, the PIM repository will not only efficiently create full product information for you, but also adjust it in format to the rest of your product range. Maintaining consistency is very important in consistently building your brand and customer trust. And for you, that means a growing circle of returning customers and growing profits in e-commerce.


Which PIM product to choose?

Akeneo is a product that is perfect for managing product information. It is released under an open-source license and is based on the Symfony2 framework. Therefore, its flexible nature allows it to be adapted to the needs of customers. You can use multiple languages ​​to support your product range, import multimedia files, expand not only technical information about the product, but also buyers’ opinions. Akeneo operates on many channels and enables the correction of product data. It also allows integration with the Magento 2 platform.



Appropriate product information management is the key to gain large profits in e-commerce. The central PIM repository enables quick and efficient introduction of new products and management of the existing ones. It is an excellent tool that should be in the arsenal of every seller, regardless of the mode of operation – B2B or B2C sector.

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