How to use video marketing to increase sales in e-commerce?

23.05.2019 Angelika Siczek
wideomarketing w e-commerce

Video clips are not just YouTube. Shorter and longer videos dominated social media. They are created in the form of relationships, live broadcasts and also in the form of looped boomerangs. They are also placed on various industry websites. Due to their popularity, they also penetrate into the world of e-commerce. They appear there in the most traditional form – when presenting goods and services in all possible ways.


Videomarketing is particularly important in the industry represented by eCommerce. Why? Because your customers want to see what they receive from you. Even if you put on high-quality photos and factual descriptions of products, they will not fully reflect the nature of the product being sold, just as an interesting video will do. Customers are more likely to notice and purchase a product if they can see how it works and why other customers are interested in it.

Creating movies in the e-commerce industry is a huge investment. However, it brings decisive profits. In addition, from the conducted analyzes regarding the behavior of users in the network, it appears that by 2020 films will account for 80% of all Internet traffic.

From other studies (Hubspot marketing blog) regarding the behavior of Internet users, it was concluded that 78% of people watch online videos every week. In turn, 55% watch them even daily. In addition, YouTube itself ranks second in terms of frequency of visits.

So let’s pay a bit more attention to video marketing. It is thanks to the videos you can raise your profits from online sales, while at the same time expanding your brand awareness. Video content not only increases website traffic, but also plays a big role in increasing conversions. It has been noted that landing pages with a video record an 80% increase in the conversion rate. Similarly in the case of e-mails – if in their title there is a mention of the fact that it contains video, it has as much as 19% higher openability than other correspondence.


The main advantage of videomarketing is that it allows you to tell any story – about your products, services or general business, and thus engage potential customers. Films are able to bring products to life and give them a specific character. In the picture you can only see the product. However, in the movie you can present its functionality, show and explain how it works, and highlight its benefits. If you care about showing that your product is very popular, you can show how other people use it, present their opinions and recommendations. You can also create a list comparing your product with other products on the market.

When creating a video, it’s worth playing with form. How you present your services depends only on your ingenuity. A humorous sketch, catching the heart for a story, or maybe a music video? If your work will appeal to the recipients, you will be sure that it will not fall into oblivion. Users are very happy to share video materials on social media. So if you do it properly, you will expand the reach and awareness of your brand among the group of potential recipients. And if your video content becomes so-called virus (viral) will mean big benefits for your e-commerce business.


To engage your audience, you can use various forms of video clips. Check which of the examples is best for you.


To create a movie advertising your products or services, you do not have to hire a professional film crew. All you need is a camera or a smartphone that allows you to create high-quality video. Thanks to computer programs, you can assemble them yourself, supplementing with appropriate special effects.

Answer the most common questions asked by your clients.

Show what makes your brand unique.

Just as you plan to publish other content on your site, schedule a schedule for sharing video clips.

Sometimes only a few sentences are enough to convince the customer. When creating short videos, focus on authenticity.


Do you want your customers to know how to make the most of your product? The best way to show them is just a movie. In the case of less obvious products it will be an excellent instruction manual. In turn, in other conditions, the movie can be a great inspiration.


If you do not want to participate in the film yourself or you do not cooperate with any actor, you can use animated films. By creating an engaging and original animated story, you will attract the attention of a potential client and your product will stay in his memory for longer.


Users love to consult with other users before buying. View product reviews and read comments left. It is they who often decide whether or not the person will eventually buy the product.

Thanks to video clips, you can present your opinions to other potential customers. They will be more engaging than written opinions, as well as more credible because of the speakers. If customers see a smile on the face satisfied with the purchase of another customer, they will be more inclined to believe that the message is true and purchase the product in your online store.


Conducting an interview with an expert about a product or service raises its rank. Thanks to specialist statements, the prestige and credibility of your e-commerce activity increases. The industry authority knows the best things and is able to advise and talk about the latest trends. Your recipients are looking for this information.


Facebook, Instagram – these are two social platforms on which your company can not be missing. Live coverage and short videos showing what is being done at the moment is a great place to advertise your services and a way to build an engaged audience. Thanks to the form of videos you do not have to prepare them before. Just log in to your account and upload what you are currently doing. You can also make contact with your recipients, e.g. by allowing them to ask questions online.


The most memorable form of the movie is one in which a story is told. Feature films enjoy great interest regardless of the age of the recipients. That is why a number of large companies create television commercials telling stories that evoke various emotions.

These types of videos not only present your product or service, but also create a specific narrative around it, which will surely reach your audience and stay in their memory for longer.


For your project to be successful and contribute to sales growth and expanding your business, follow these tips:

– Get to know your recipients. Remember that the content of video clips responds to their needs, and not just your assumptions. The videos must be both nice and useful. So you can sometimes ask your customers for possible inspirations and questions related to your product, for which they would like to know the answer.

– Specify the purpose of your videos. Specify exactly why you create them – do you want to develop a group of subscribers, increase sales, increase brand awareness, or increase traffic on the website?

– Set your budget. It is often assumed that a movie must cost a lot, but it is not always worth spending too much money on it. Therefore, just like other activities, also plan your budget for video marketing.

– Remember about high quality, because nothing is detrimental as the indistinct movies where you can not see what’s going on. Also remember to adjust them so that the user can easily play them on any device.

– Create short materials. The longer the movie, the lower the probability that the viewer will watch it to the end. Do not distract the viewer with unnecessary fillers.

– Include a call to action. Remember that regardless of the way you create a movie, its goal is to promote it. So do not leave the user yourself and tell him what to do next – order, come to your website, call?

– Take care of good equipment. Even if you do not have a professional camera, take care of several important issues: the image must be clear, stable, well-lit, there should be no noise in the background, and the sound should be as clean as possible.

– Music and subtitles. The musical background is a variation of every video. So take care of a unified entry or ending – a proper jingle and background music. Also note the explicit subtitles or captions that appear in the video.

– Share your work – create the created video in your social channels, e-mails and on the website so that it will get the largest range possible.

Creating a good video is time-consuming and requires a lot of commitment. However, if you do it correctly and with an idea that will involve your audience, the success is guaranteed.

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