Pimcore functions and how are they helpful in eCommerce?

11.03.2022 Oliwia

What do you need when operating in the eCommerce industry? Surely, you need personalized experiences across all channels and touchpoints for your clients, an effective content management platform, and the versatility offered by headless commerce. You can find all of that in one platform called Pimcore. Today, we are going to show you how it can be used in modern online trade.

Pimcore owners call it a cloud data and experience management platform. Undoubtedly, this name is accurate. Pimcore comes with a wide range of features and services that streamline every type of online business, including eCommerce.

Main components within Pimcore

It’s a very comprehensive platform that consists of several services. Three of them are essential for eCommerce companies:

  • PIM: Product information management centralises and harmonises all marketing, sales and technical product information.
  • DXP: This abbreviation stands for a digital experience platform. Through DXPs, you can manage, publish, deliver, and optimize content tailored to your target audience’s specific needs. You may consider that DXP is simply a more advanced and versatile CMS.
  • CDP: It’s a customer data platform that enables you to store and manage all customer-related information. Pimcore’s CDP enables you to aggregate information from different sources and keep it under control within one dashboard. This service is essential if you work with thousands of customers and want to deliver top-notch experiences and services.
  • DAM: It’s a digital asset management application that allows you to keep all your digital assets (e.g., images, videos, documents, etc.) in one place. DAM works a bit like a data lake – it enables you to store every amount and type of digital file. 

All of these three services come in handy when you run an online store. But the fact is, it’s just the beginning of what Pimcore has for online retailers. That’s because they also have something called Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework. Let’s have a look at what they have in store for you.

Pimcore eCommerce platform – useful in different setups


image source: https://pimcore.com/en/ecommerce-platform

Below, you will find three valid reasons why you should consider Pimcore as your eCommerce platform.


The first thing you have to know is that Pimcore uses a headless API-driven framework. Why is this information relevant? Because this means that with it, you can create almost anything you want. In short, headless means that the back-end layer is separated from the front-end layer, and the communication between these two layers happens via so-called API calls. As a result, you can turn your store into a website, a PWA, or even something completely new. 

There are almost no limitations, and the scalability is impeccable. All you have to do is create your perfect online store using API-driven components and plugins. Take a look at how many different means and channels within this commerce framework wait for you to exploit (and that’s not the whole list):


image source: https://pimcore.com/en/ecommerce-platform

Secondly, Pimcore gives you access to all the features and techniques that aim at improving sales. You can reach both B2B and B2C customers with it, refine your content marketing strategy, and analyze all the relevant data about your business’ performance.


The Pimcore technology stack is open source and, therefore, fully accessible and customizable (that’s why it’s called a framework). If you have sufficient in-house resources, you can do all the development work on your own and adjust everything according to your needs. Of course, there are experienced companies, just like ours, that will gladly help you get everything up and running. If you need our help with Pimcore, drop us a line!


The last element that we want to emphasize is that Pimcore can be used in various eCommerce models. It doesn’t matter if you wish to reach individual customers (B2C), companies and institutions (B2B), or distributors and resellers (B2B2C) – in all these scenarios, Pimcore will be useful. This platform works perfectly with multiple checkout procedures, product catalogs, currencies, and product views. Here, flexibility is rule number one.

Moreover, according to the company behind Pimcore, over 70% of their solutions can be deployed in less than 6 months. So you can set up your brand new store quite quickly.

We hope that this article will inspire you to think about the future of your online store. If you want an eCommerce platform that will facilitate your growth and help you introduce new options – think about Pimcore. If you want to know more, go here and here. And if you’re looking for a trusted partner that will help you with setting and optimizing your Pimcore-based online store – we’re here for you!

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