Pimcore or Akeneo – which PIM tool you should choose?

29.07.2022 Angelika Siczek

If you want to improve product information management processes, you will quickly find the PIM tools. The two most popular solutions are currently Pimcore and Akeneo – free options available in the form of open source, based on the Symfony Framework 4. The similarities between them begin to end there, because the idea behind their creators is completely different. Find out what the difference between Pimcore and Akeneo is, and then choose a customised solution that will is tailored to your needs.


Persons, of whom there are already over 80,000, that want to have extended information management solutions, are eager to use the whole range of additional functionalities and extensions of Pimcore. The users of this system include such giants as Burger King, Audi or Ikea.

Integration and scalability

Pimcore has a ‘connect anything’ structure, which enables the collection of any data of any size and relating to various industries. An integration with the CRM, ERP, ESB or BI systems is possible via API. Pimcore also operates perfectly with Magento, SAP and other similar solutions.

This approach also makes Pimcore very easily scalable. It is very easy to turn small blogs and articles into a content service. The MDM system ensures control over all resources related to the description of offers, media and information about customers, products or suppliers. Even with a large number of users, the programme maintains its high capability.

The most important functionalities

In the case of Pimcore, you can talk about such functions as:

  • central product data warehouse,
  • full control over data quality,
  • flexible approach to data modelling,
  • great possibilities of integration,
  • effective work management,
  • extensive authorisation mechanisms,
  • scalability and high capability even with a large number of users.


These are only the most important functionalities of this software. Pimcore is a highly developed system with enormous possibilities within a broad scope of data processing.

Costs of software implementation

The paid version of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition costs a minimum of EUR 7,000 per year. It allows a full access to SLA and LTS. This means a full support and advice during the use of the programme.

However, it is not necessary to purchase the extended version, even if you conduct an economic activity. Importantly, the free version offers a lot of features and possibilities. However, an extensive management system may require training of employees so that they can make optimal use of all available tools.


Within 10 years of presence on the market, Akeneo has earned an excellent reputation and a leading position. Thousands of users, open architecture and modern IT technologies make it an excellent candidate for product information management. Therefore, it is used by many well-known brands such as Sephora and Auchan.

Integration and scalability

Akeneo has its own integrators that enable the export and import of data in the Excel or CSV formats. However, Java Massage, Queus or Hotfolders are not supported by this software. It results to a large extend from the philosophy of the developers who have wanted to develop a professional programme focusing on product information management, without additional functionalities. However, there are overlays and extensions that make it easy to combine Akeneo with other shop solutions.

In terms of scalability, this software uses the EAV solutions. This means less options for configuring a product family. Only two differentiators can be used for one product variant. Nevertheless, the scalability of this program is quite high. The capability of Akeneo remains at a very high level, even with a great number of users.

The most important functionalities

In the case of the use of Akeneo you will gain an access to opportunities such as:

  • advanced possibilities of rights management capabilities,
  • validation workflow for data quality control,
  • Franklin Insights API,
  • referential approach to data creation,
  • information enhancement of the products made available,
  • organisation and classification of sales products.


Regrettably, the vast majority of the listed features is available only in the paid version of the Enterprise Edition.

Costs of software implementation

If you want to get the paid version of the Akeneo Enterprise Edition, you have to spend 40,000 Euro each year. This is a 10-user license. It is the only way to get full functionality, as the free version is very limited in this respect.

Pimcore or Akeneo? Which is a better choice?

Pimcore enables a broad integration and enormous possibilities in the field area well beyond product data management. It is a universal solution that will hold good in companies that are developing and looking for the perfect solutions for themselves. Great opportunities make it easy to experiment and try different solutions.

Akeneo is a professional programme that focuses primarily on product information management. Therefore, it is suitable for enterprises that have a formalised structure and need an effective tool focused primarily on basic functionality.

Both solutions allow for better management of product data, which translates into better control over the on-line shop.

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