What can you gain by using React?

27.05.2022 Angelika Siczek

Proper interaction is an extremely important issue in today’s technologically advanced reality. We can talk about web interaction when a user accesses this or that website or uses a given application using an appropriate interface. Such interfaces function in relation to websites, mobile applications, and devices that we use every day. React in the context of the mentioned portals or applications plays an important role as a JavaScript library. Without this attribute, building these interfaces would not be possible. Let’s see, what else react can help us with?

React.js – what is it?

React.js as a library appeared in the technological landscape thanks to a specialist working at Facebook. A man named Jordan Walke saw the need to simplify the process of building the interface, while guaranteeing users the highest comfort while using the application.

Although React was originally intended to serve only the internal needs of the company, as a result its capabilities were so great that it was applied to the portal itself, which began to grow at an incredible pace and required the use of appropriate solutions. React.js was perfect for this and allowed building dynamic interfaces while maintaining functionality. With time, Facebook made the react.js library available as open source, and the interest in it continues to grow, with more and more developers eager to use it, who see the potential of this solution and its innovation in terms of creating interfaces.

Possibilities offered by react.js

The complementary properties of react.js with respect to the JavaScript programming language allow you to supplement your code with HTML elements in a direct way. What does this lead to? React allows you to greatly simplify your code, and also shorten it noticeably. Clearer, shorter code is a unique value that every project strives for. It is this property that makes React so valuable and increasingly popular among developers of the most advanced, constantly updated, often change-intensive web applications. Therefore, it is a tool that greatly accelerates the work on the application, and is extremely flexible and responsive. What is more, its simplicity allows even novice developers to work with it, and because it is an open-source tool it is constantly developed by a large community.

The tycoons use react.js

Web applications are increasingly built using react. What is this due to? Platforms such as Netflix or PayPal are extremely intuitive, they seem light, easy to use, even the first time you enter Netflix it feels like you’ve already been there and you know every detail of the application, regardless of the device it’s being used on. React’s interfaces are distinguished by the mentioned simplicity, lightness, intuitiveness, all data is displayed quickly, which makes using this or that application easier and more pleasant.

See what you will gain by using react.js

The popularity that react is gaining among developers is justified. The library still surprises with a number of advantages and it helps different created applications stand out from the crowd. Definitely worth noting benefit of react is the speed of its implementation. It has no equal, and it’s also very hard not to notice the fact that react gives you a chance to create extremely dynamic interfaces. What do these possibilities contribute to? For example, the fact that page updates are made immediately, in real time, what’s more, users can see these changes in real time. For programmers this is also a benefit. With react they can implement their work with interface objects much faster, which will translate into overall performance. How was it possible to achieve such an effect? Behind all the “fuss” is the so-called Virtual DOM. It is an abstract copy that is used by the react.js library and it is responsible for updating even the smallest changes, additionally these modifications do not affect other parts of the entire interface.

It is worth mentioning once again a very valuable feature, which is the optimization of the time that developers spend during their work. A big role here plays the component structure, which allows to reuse elements on different levels. This leads to greater efficiency of the programmer’s work, and has an impact on more efficient management of applications. The process of building applications is simpler in comparison with other solutions, because the used components are isolated, which means that a specific change does not cause other changes.

One should also pay attention to the unidirectionality of data flow. It is this feature that makes the code stable, which is very important when developing various types of applications.

The React.js library is a collection that undergoes constant updates, is developed by a magnificent community. Thus, there is no fear of it standing still. React.js is an easy-to-use library that does not require advanced programming knowledge. It’s a solution for everyone, and if you run into problems, it’s worth taking advantage of the widely available advice on specialized forums.

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