How to secure your store with Magento Security Scan Tool?

08.12.2020 Angelika Siczek
how secure store with magento security scan tool

How to secure your shop with Magento Security Scan Tool? Forewarned is always insured? This slogan has entered our culture so much that today hardly anyone remembers the occasion on which it was created. It was for the PZU advertising. Although it is no longer broadcast, the slogan is still valid. In our case, it is worth relating them to the functioning of the online store, because by protecting it in advance, we can be sure that the hacking attack will not be so terrible for us.


Why is it worth protecting yourself?

A 2020 study by IBM reveals that the average cost of a data breach is $ 3.86 million, while the average time spent identifying and containing a breach is 280 days. Malware and digital skimming are among the most common attacks on e-commerce websites. This is definitely an issue worth paying attention to and requiring appropriate preventive action.


It also turns out, according to a recent malware scan by Sansec, that:


  • Malware that obtains credit card data was detected in 8,270 unique stores set up on all types of sales platforms.
  • 82% of stores where malware appeared was using an unsupported version of the product.
  • 24% of all stores affected by the above issue have experienced multiple malware intrusion incidents. This indicates that as many as one in four vendors are unable to identify the root cause of the problem and close unauthorized access.
  • The skimming malware was present in the compromised stores for an average of 13.2 days.


It is because of the above incidents that Adobe is committed to help its customers make a safe purchase. They are constantly improving their threat-sniffing tool and helping to proactively identify potential threats to online stores.


Magento Security Scan Tool, or how does Adobe protect its customers? 

Magento Security Scan Tool is a tool that perfectly reflects Adobe’s approach to its customers. How does it work? It helps sellers using Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source to increase the security of their websites.


Security Scan helps you:


  • Identify potential malware and security vulnerabilities in your online store.
  • Identify outdated security patches.
  • Detect potential vulnerable extensions.
  • Discover the digital skimming on your site.
  • Find incorrect security configurations.
  • Learn the more simplified security best practice tips for Magento Commerce.


If potential threats are identified, Magento Security Scan will notify the administrator via an automatic email. This way, you will be the first to know about anomalies on your website.


Adobe and Sansec partnership

To care even better for the safety of its users, Adobe has partnered with Sansec – a market-leading security company specializing in the prevention of digital skimming.


Thanks to this collaboration, Adobe added around 9,000 malware signatures and vulnerabilities in Magento Security Scan. Each of these signatures went through a multi-stage testing and validation process before being added to the scanning tool. In addition, every week, a team of Sanguine Security researchers analyzes from 200 to 300 known attacks on e-commerce activities. The information obtained creates a predicted stream of possible attack vectors and security breach indicators (IOCs). This data is then continuously fed as threat signatures to the enhanced Security Scan tool. This leads to around 300 new signatures added to the tool every month to reinforce its security performance each time.


Configuring Security Scan

Can every Magento user use Security Scan? This tool is free for any version of Magento Commerce, Magento Open Source customers, and for partners in the Adobe Solution Partner Program and Adobe Exchange Partner Program. Vendors and their teams, including authorized developers, can directly access the enhanced scanning tool by logging into their Magento accounts and selecting Security Scan. So you can register your website in the scanning tool very easily and quickly and monitor it daily, weekly or on demand at any time.


What do you gain by using Security Scan?

Using Security Scan brings a number of benefits to all online retailers. Its improved version will surely help you:


  • Get real-time insight into the security status of your Magento store and will suggest best practices to help you solve any problem.
  • Conduct over 17,000 security tests to identify potential malware running on your online store.
  • Access your Magento site’s historical security reports so that you can track and monitor the progress made over a given period of time.
  • Access a scan report that shows successful and failed tests and recommendations for further action if required.



So if you care about the safety of your store, and thus also the safety of your customers, do not hesitate. Turn on the Magento Security Scan tool on your platform today and don’t get hacked!

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