New automatic product recommendations in Magento Commerce

14.07.2020 Angelika Siczek
automatic recommendations have come to magento commerce

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the general order of things and has forced us to form new habits. Due to the closing of stationary stores, the burden of shopping transactions has shifted to online stores. This situation forced some changes to be made by sellers. E-commerce has quickly evolved from an alternative to coercion for many recipients. The new normality quickly took its toll and forced entrepreneurs to act. How did they deal with it?


New reality

Adobe Analytics data showed an increase in network traffic in online stores by 30%, i.e. to the level that was usually recorded only on Black Friday. Online stores have taken over the leadership position some time ago, but now a new weight has been placed on their shoulders. In the face of pandemic events, both small and large companies are putting new priorities. Among other things, this means investing in e-commerce technologies. This is to provide appropriate customer service and competitive experience as well as smooth and fast online shopping. 


New product from Adobe

Adobe Magento announced that the Adobe Sensei product, artificial intelligence and self-learning machine developed by Adobe, will be available to Magento Commerce users around the world. It is now possible to launch an automated and intelligent product recommendation. This improves the purchasing process and helps customers find the right products for them when browsing the store. This not only creates a better experience, but also builds a customer-seller relationship full of trust and commitment. It also naturally increases the conversion rate, which in turn leads to higher revenue.


In the past, artificial intelligence technology was expensive and only large companies could afford it. They required a large amount of resources and the work of specialists to create special technologies that completed the data and built bases from them. However, thanks to the release of Adobe Sensei, all thriving and growing sellers can implement this once unavailable technology and significantly increase the quality of shopping on their site. Thanks to this, they will also save time, which can be spent on another way of developing e-commerce business.


Adobe Sensei elements

Adobe Sensei was tested first in collaboration with 50 e-commerce businesses, including HP. During this cooperation, all elements were refined, while improving the Product Recommendation system.


An important element of the program is the automatic distribution and significance of pages and directory synchronization. Storefronts are constantly tagged, without using code or developer work. Thanks to this, sellers can be sure that there is full automatic synchronization with the cloud without additional support.


Artificial Intelligence can certainly help with sales. Adobe Sensei automatically analyzes customer behavior through a variety of machine learning algorithms. Thanks to this, huge amounts of human work are saved, which would have to be put into gathering information and compiling it for the seller’s view. With such a database, you can better tailor the strategy to your clientele.


Nine different types of product recommendations are available in the new Adobe program. From them, the seller can choose the right one for him and apply it now in his store. They include trends, watched-watched, watched-bought, similar products, most frequently bought and personal recommendations. With their help, there is a high probability that a customer browsing the store will not only find something for themselves, but will also order more than one product.


Adobe Sensei also develops the possibilities offered by the Magento Admin panel. The integrated interface now allows you to manage and add product recommendations straight from the admin panel. This allows you to simultaneously control data such as receipts, impressions, clicks, revenue and more.


Extending product recommendations also improves the smoothness of work at an e-commerce store. The simplified mechanism for adding recommendations now has several very simple stages. Thanks to this, the newly designed recommendation will reach customers within a few minutes.



The Adobe Sensei recommendation program is available since April without additional costs directly from the Adobe platform. It is compatible with Magento Commerce from version 2.3 inclusive. You can download this add-on through the Magento Marketplace.

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