Quick Integration Of Magento Sap

04.09.2018 Angelika Siczek
Magento SAP

SAP is a software for enterprises designed to manage such aspects of e-commerce as various business operations and relationships between companies and clients. Although SAP systems are most often used by large companies, there are software solutions designed for small enterprises as well. There are of course appropriate extensions that simplify the integration of Magento 2 SAP.

Below are some of the key aspects of SAP Magento 2 integration. In addition to the preparation of an individual data exchange system by using, for example, the web data exchange bus, there are two quicker and simpler ways to achieve this goal, and both rely on the use of third-party extensions.

First of all, you can start the integration of Magento 2 SAP by using an improved import and export extension such as Firebear Improved Import !$#Amp#$! Export Magento 2. Allows integration of Magento 2 with the SAP system by creating a connection and bi-directional data synchronization.

Alternatively, you can use special external modules designed to establish integration with the selected SAP branch. Below we compare both approaches and list some important SAP Magento 2 extensions.

The module for improved import/export has several important advantages over external add-ons:

– You can use it for many integrations;

– It can automatically synchronize data, but manual control is possible as well;

– The extension can be configured in accordance with each new SAP update in relation to the possibility of mapping.

Although the extension does not provide the required integration immediately after moving (out of the box), at first the configuration is necessary, but it is very flexible. In the case of a connector, it is always connected to a single SAP product and can not be used for integration with third-party platforms.

The upgrade: Improved Import !$#amp#$! Export Magento 2 gives such opportunities. Its construction allows you to combine multiple contact points in one module, so you can seamlessly integrate your store with any PIM solution, accounting system, CRM platform, ERP service or anything else.

To simplify the connection with different platforms, the extension offers flexible import settings. You can use pre-prepared templates and you do not have to manually configure the mapping grid.

As for the key features of Improved Import & Export Magento 2, they are listed below:

– Seamless integration with any external platform;

– Data transfer using CSV, XML and TXT files;

– Multiple import / export sources: FTP, SFTP, URL and Dropbox;

– Mapping for any custom file structure with presets;

– Fully automated import/export function using cron;

– Running tasks asynchronously via the CLI or administrator interface;

– Export filters and default (encoded) values;

– Attribute values are created on the fly during import;

– Seamlessly importing categories and exporting orders with relevant documents;

– Import speed ~ 3000 products/min.

Other modules are widely used to connect Magento 1.X software with SAP:

– Magento 4 SAP extension

– Integration of SAP with Magento created by Corevist

– SAP ByD Integration Connect for Magento

– SAP Business One Integration by APPSeCONNECT

– TaskCentre Magento Integration

– Download Cloud Connect ERP

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