The most important reasons to choose Magento Commerce Cloud

22.10.2020 Angelika Siczek

We have been implementing e-commerce platforms to our clients’ businesses for years. In this way, we help them spread their wings and improve the operation of the entire company. Choosing the right software is the basis for effective sales. This is an important issue for both the seller and the customer. The quick operation of the store, the possibility of multi-level browsing of products, adding them to favorites, verification of the shopping cart and many other aspects affect customers’ purchasing decisions. It is on their basis that they decide or not to choose a given online store. That is why every website should be stable and efficient. After all, it represents your brand. So it’s safe to say that deciding which hosting platform to choose is the most important step and a key element in running your business.


What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

We base our work on Magento solutions. It was this IT service provider that introduced a powerful solution, which is Magento Commerce Cloud. What is it characterized by? It includes all Magento Commerce features, hosting infrastructure and additional services to improve and maintain the website. What’s more, Magento took care of different types of recipients. So it offers solutions for different sizes of business – a plan for novice sellers and for advanced professionals. Each of them includes architecture as a set of configurations and services that guarantee the ability to create, extend, test and maintain websites of varying degrees of complexity.


Advantages of Magento Commerce Cloud

Discover the 5 greatest advantages of Magento Commerce Cloud, which are undeniable proof that it is worth using such a solution in your e-commerce business!


1. AWS managed hosting and automatic scaling

The appearance of the possibility of placing the entire website infrastructure in the AWS environment is definitely the next level of hosting solutions. It owes its uniqueness primarily to the fact that it provides wide possibilities of scaling resources depending on the expected page load. So there is no need to migrate your website to stronger servers, even if your business is growing rapidly and intensively. Via Magento Commerce Cloud, you will contact the support manager and plan automatic scaling in a given period along with the necessary preparations. You can take advantage of it, for example, at the peak of your sales season, when introducing a new product, around holidays and periodic sales, i.e. at any time when you expect heavy server loads.


2. Magento Commerce features available immediately after purchasing the software

At this point it should be emphasized that when you invest in a hosting solution, you get the software with all the additional features of Magento Commerce in one package. So you don’t have to buy any additional extensions. Magento Commerce Cloud includes all the features of Magento Commerce (formerly known as Enterprise Edition). In addition, it also takes into account the hosting provider and customer service for the entire infrastructure.


3. Support and help from Magento experts

It should be noted that Magento experts support not only the website, but also the hosting environment around the clock. This is what greatly simplifies system maintenance. It also makes the Magento Cloud infrastructure always compatible with all the latest versions of Magento Commerce released on the market.


4. Additional services you get right after purchasing Magento Commerce Cloud

A significant advantage of the solution is that Magento Commerce Cloud includes additional services to monitor the speed and performance of your website. They include:


Fastly – is an enhanced content delivery network (CDN) that provides many additional features, including: full page cache, web application firewall, and many other useful options.


New Relic – it is a service that allows you to monitor performance, thanks to which administrators can view detailed statistics of all system processes taking place on the website.


5. Ability to support multiple environments

When you choose Magento Commerce Cloud, you don’t have to pay for additional staging or development environments. You get a production-like transition environment as soon as you start using the solution. Moreover, additional development (integration) environments can be created ad hoc for various testing purposes without the necessity to incur additional costs. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily correct, improve, test and then implement changes in any chosen environment without affecting the experience of your customers. It should also be emphasized that Magento is working on improving PWA support for Commerce Cloud, which is also a good sign for the future.


As you can see, there are many advantages and benefits of having a website in Magento Commerce Cloud. It is certainly a balanced solution for all website owners who want to control at least some part of the administration panel without spending a lot of time managing the website infrastructure. By choosing Magento Commerce Cloud solutions, you are investing in the future, because hosting is one of the most dynamically developing branches of IT solutions.


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