Adobe Commerce: How can you use it to upgrade your store?

01.03.2022 Oliwia

A flexible and scalable e-commerce platform that helps you make the most of the data you process in your online store and benefit from the multichannel operation. That’s how Adobe Commerce can be shortly described. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at this Adobe’s solution powered by Magento. You will also discover how it can improve your everyday work in the e-commerce business.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is the direct result of the acquisition the company finished in May 2018. For over 1.6 billion USD, they acquired Magento, an open-source e-commerce platform. In effect, Adobe’s offer for online retailers has significantly extended. And thanks to the integration with the entire Adobe ecosystem, now you have access to a comprehensive e-commerce solution available via just one cloud-based platform. In this article, we are going to show you how Adobe Commerce Cloud can improve your online business. Let’s get right to it.

Benefit from multichannel sales

Today, multichannel (or even omnichannel) should be a vital part of every online store’s strategy. That’s because customers simply expect that your store will offer diverse communication channels and it will be available in different places. In the study conducted in 2021, over 65% of all respondents from Europe and North America said that omnichannel is “very important” or “quite important”:


From the business perspective, this option is obvious. Estimations are companies with developed omnichannel engagement strategies can see a 9.5% rise in their revenues. How can Adobe Commerce help you here? First off, you have access to everything related to your store from an all-in-one dashboard. 

Thanks to this solution, you get a central view over your products, prices, brands, websites, sales channels, and even countries that you operate in, as well as fulfillment (including payments and deliveries). This gives you full control not just over the store itself but also over customer journeys. Secondly, Adobe enables you to implement personalisation and automation so that you save a lot of time and can reach potential customers more effectively. And lastly, Adobe Commerce allows you to serve both B2B and B2C customers seamlessly.

Achieve full scalability

We live in a time of rapid e-commerce development. It is predicted that e-retail revenues will grow to 5.4 trillion USD by the end of 2022. Therefore, it is likely your store will grow as well, and with it – your needs. Adobe Commerce is prepared for this scenario. For starters, this platform offers API-based headless commerce, so you can easily integrate any new application, solution, or plugin into it. Secondly, because everything is based in the cloud and readily available, you can conquer new markets, deploy new websites, and reach more customers without hassle. Adobe Commerce offers multiple front ends with thousands of possible extensions that you can tailor to your needs.

The last element that needs highlighting is related to the flexibility of this solution. Because Adobe makes the most of headless commerce, you can opt for a traditional e-commerce website, a PWA, or something entirely new.


As we mentioned earlier, Adobe comes with an extensive ecosystem that comprises the following solutions and platforms:

  • Analytics: An advanced feature that helps you analyze your data and even use predictive intelligence.
  • Target: It provides you with personalization and testing options (e.g., A/B tests and AI-powered automation).
  • Experience Manager: It’s a content and digital asset management system.
  • Sign and Creative Cloud: Creative Cloud gives you access to 20+ web and graphic design apps. And Adobe Sign helps you with digital documents and e-signatures.

This gives the user complete confidence in the operation.

Benefit from data in your online store

Adobe Commerce comes with complex analytics and reporting features. As a result, you know everything about what happens in your store.

To enhance your insights, Adobe uses Sensei – their AI framework that exploits machine learning to help you get more valuable information concerning your business. Adobe allows you to rank products and provide intelligent product recommendations to your shoppers, get automatic data updates so that you’re always up to speed, and keep all customer, business, and transactional data in one place. This way, you can benefit from data analytics to understand your customers and develop your offer and services.

Commerce Cloud truly is a versatile and useful solution for your online store, no matter where and how you operate. If you want to find out more, drop us a line. Adobe Commerce is one of our primary tools. We will gladly help you implement this platform in your store and tailor it to facilitate your growth!

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