First Magento MeetUp in Poland

05.07.2014 Angelika Siczek
On 23 June at the Mercure hotel in Warsaw, the meeting of MeetUp Magento took place for the first time in Poland on the initiative of Snowdog. MeetUp Magento is a series of meetings of local communities to help establish the direction of development of the platform. Among the invitees were a dozen Polish agencies that were particularly important and related to Magento implementations in Poland and around the world. The meeting was attended by, among others, Creativestyle from Krakow, Snowdog from Poznań, Global4Net from Wrocław, Bold Agency from Krakow or Emagenio from Opole. There were also international treats, a Goodahead representative from Ukraine was present at the meeting.
At the meeting, many issues related to the Magento market in Poland were raised. Speakers presented a series of presentations on various issues from the subject of unused potential of the Magento community on the Polish market, which seems to be much less organized than those in the countries of Western Europe for increasing conversions in online stores using PayPal. The meeting was also an opportunity to announce the international competition “Agency of the year – 2014”.
All that remains is to express the hope that the above-mentioned meeting will be only the first, and the Magento community in Poland will start to support itself to a much greater degree than it has done so far for the benefit of all of us – implementing companies and the sellers themselves.

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