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07.05.2019 Angelika Siczek
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What is content marketing? It is primarily a powerful tool that especially in the B2B industry has a large impact on achieving substantial profits, and when it does not take care of it, it may turn out that the company has failed.
Content Marketing is otherwise known as content marketing. However, it does not refer only to the written word, and its scope covers everything that the user can use, including video clips, photos, and infographics. Therefore, it takes into account everything that is able to interest and maintain the attention of the recipient and persuade him to take a specific action – for example, to buy products or services, or leave his email in the service, etc.
What is Content Marketing for? First of all, it enables you to personalize your brand and build loyalty among your clients. Thanks to running content activities, you build your identity and create an image. As a result, the website generates traffic that translates into the purchasing decisions of customers. Content Marketing is a particularly powerful tool in e-commerce. A B2B store could not function if it did not present its offers properly and present the entire company’s activity.
Are you interested in effectively building your brand and real sales growth? See what content marketing activities are worth pursuing in order to achieve the intended results.


In the era of social media reign, it might seem that the e-mail has already been forgotten. It turns out, however, that this is not the case at all. Properly conducted e-mail marketing campaign can provide great results and guarantee customer loyalty, which will receive a personalized offer on your inbox.
If you run your own B2B platform, you know how important it is to collect email addresses. Mailing lists and personalized messages sent to customers, especially in the B2B industry, are extremely important because entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of time on using the mailbox. There is a good chance that by opening correspondence, they will pay attention to your offer.


Write with a simple language – so that your recipient would know immediately what the mail is about. If this is a reduction, be sure to include in the title of the email.
Ask the recipient by name. Regardless of whether you accept a form in your label or prefer a less formal phrase, always use your recipient’s name. The more you personalize your email, the better it will be picked up.
Automate your messages. For example, if your client makes a purchase every week, and someone does miss one, he should automatically receive a message asking you what happened. This type of question will give the impression that it is an important contractor for you. Remember to send different emails to different recipients, so that by chance new customers will not receive a message addressed to a regular recipient of services.


Have you ever wondered why so many companies run their own company blogs? Is it really so much going on? The company blog has two essential functions. The first one is the acquisition of traffic on the site, which may translate into acquiring new customers. The second function is to build the image of an expert in a given industry. So if you have specialist knowledge in the field in which you work, it is worth to share it with a wider group. Potential customers, when reading your blog, will be sure that you are a professional and you know your profession well.
The company blog is also well perceived by Google’s robots. Interesting and useful content in combination with SEO activities, i.e. proper content optimization for search engines, brings desirable results in the form of the high position of your site in search results. As a result, potential clients searching for a given issue related to your domain, reach your website, which, thanks to positioning, will be included in, for example, TOP 10 results in the Google search engine.
In e-commerce platforms, eg Magento, a blog is often the default function. However, it is important to remember about the right selection of blog articles and choosing the right keywords that will be highly ranked. To find out what words you should use, use the free tools – key phrase planners, e.g. Answer The Public or Ubersuggest. It is worth remembering that the users search for the entire answer in the search engine, enter the entire query – e.g. How to optimize the page for SEO ?. So if you find out what your clients are looking for, you can create blog articles that exactly match their queries. Thanks to this, you will naturally increase traffic in your website without paying for additional advertising.
If on your blog you take care of interesting and valuable content, you will gain buyers who will be happy to come back for more. Thus, you will build your group of recipients, in the eyes of which you will be a real expert. You’ll increase your conversion rate because a lot of visitors will become buyers. You will increase brand recognition and build customer loyalty by giving them a reason to return to your website.


As you already know, content is a powerful weapon. He can also effectively encourage and discourage customers from buying. The contents in the B2B store allow for a wide range of customer engagement. One of them is to offer clients content in the form of ready-made solutions, eg detailed instructions, expert publications (e-books), invitations to take advantage of free webinars, free course, publishing expert interviews, all just for leaving their own e-mail address -mail. Both sides benefit from this action. You gain valuable feedback in the form of an e-mail. So you can include it in your mailing list to send your newsletter to the user and encourage you to make a purchase. In turn, the recipient receives a free product in the form of useful content that may be useful in many different situations.
A good example of acquiring addresses in the B2B sector is FreshBooks. As a program enabling issuing invoices, it encourages entrepreneurs to use their services. In exchange for preparing an invoice, he obtains an e-mail address, which then includes his e-mail marketing campaign among his audience.
When analyzing the content offered to users, consider what their type would be the most interesting. Often, people are afraid of entrusting their e-mail address to someone not to receive so-called spam. Therefore, before proceeding to the preparation of the content, think carefully about what your customers from B2B companies expect.


Nowadays experts do not speak to us dressed in white aprons and professionals who explain the secrets of their profession with incomprehensible language. We prefer to listen to people like us – at a similar age, with similar interests, people who can attract our attention with their “ordinary” life. Such people are the influencers who have conquered social media and many different markets.
The content that influencers communicate to their recipients has different forms. It can be a blog post for experts, a post posted on social media, video on YouTube, and even an advertiser with an influencer on TV.
Advertising your services through influencers is a great success if you know that using them you can reach your audience. It is important, therefore, that the persons promoting a given product or service should be appropriately selected according to their clients and industry. You can also try to create your own influencer, meaning a person who only promotes your brand’s services and tries to make it your company’s trademark.
Where do influencers work best? They are the most popular in the lifestyle, fashion, sport or e-commerce fitness. Thanks to the numerous interest in these fields, it is easy to find a group of potential recipients. Catchy content, colorful photos that show products, attract attention, so they rarely go unnoticed when scrolling on Facebook or Instagram. However, the influencer market has no limits. Practically for every industry, you can find the right person to promote products.


When conducting activities in the field of Content Marketing, remember that your product is not an end in itself for customers. Regardless of whether you sell accessories, clothing, electronics, food or something completely different, they buy it because it is thanks to it that they want to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, you can use your power by creating various types of values ​​- from expert content explaining how to use the product properly, how to store, buy and even sell it, to the rankings of mandatory products that you must choose to achieve your chosen goal. It all depends on your ingenuity and efficient operation. In the Internet age, it is difficult to stand out, not duplicating what has already been done. Fortunately, creativity is a process. So if you are consistent, it will result in the desired effects.

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