Abandoned shopping cart – the end or a new beginning?

10.12.2013 Angelika Siczek
Finding the customer responsible for abandoning the shopping cart usually is a miracle and therefore quite unlikely. According to the latest statistics provided by Sale Cycle, over 73% of customers leave their carts without finalizing their purchase. But the question is, does this turnout influence the private business in a bad way? The aim of this article is to reveal extensive marketing solutions, thanks to which every seller will regain his abandoned cart and increase his income.
Why do clients abandon their carts?
It is important to state from the begining what is the process catalyst. It is significant because it helps to establish the interest of potential clients and to set the right attitude for every group. In the most recent research conducted by Ritholtz.com, they discover the reasons why a large part of customers abandons their carts.
 Among many reasons, the statistics state also:
  •  No guest reviews in the summary (14%)
  •  Too complicated order summary process (11%)
  •  The site loading too slow (11%)
As you can see, there are many reasons but experts believe that you should focus specifically on the customers who abandoned their carts between 1-2 PM.
Who are the people that find a website and then abandon their carts at lunchtime? The majority are office employees who look for products during the meal. But when the lunch break ends the cart is usually abandoned.
The effectiveness of changing an e-mail address
After defining what is the reason behind abandoned carts, let’s do something about it! Taking into account the secondary aspect of usability which is extremely important in relation to the statistics above our goal is finding motivational tools. “Sale Cycle” claims that recovering the email of each abandoned cart increases the income by 6 dollars. With regard to SeeWhy.com analysis, undefined customers who have abandoned their carts spend 55% more than those who are determined to complete the odrer and pay. Additionally, it has been recorded that abandoned e-mail addresses generate much more income than other marketing campaigns. Why do we ignore this possibility that deprives us of regaining customers and increasing the income?
The best internet strategy
A single customer requires an individual approach, therefore, you can create an email reminder which can later be expanded into an email sequence.
ATTENTION! In relation to the specificity of the frequency of e-mails, the number of discounts and assumptions of the store, it is important to create a combination that perfectly adapts to the individual action plan.
Come up with some catchy patterns
Due to the optimal amount of e-mails, it is important to provide customers with an appropriate pattern of operation, as well as to properly present the product being sold. Therefore, we suggest focusing on the following aspects:
Product images – a definitive must-have when it comes to emails. Customers must be always informed as quickly as possible.
Contact number – shows customers that you can always contact them whenever they might need your help.
Immediate link – allows your customers to quickly empty their carts with just one click. Remember that the simpler the way to the basket, the more profits you get.
Now, all we have to do is believe that you got to know the answer to the question of whether abandoned carts have an impact on the development of your business or not? Dozens of analyzes have revealed and proved that a well-thought-out marketing campaign allows not only to recover customers, but also to increase revenues and encourage satisfied customers to publicly share their opinion about the place where they made their purchases.

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