Marketing automation – what is it and what does it involve?

17.02.2022 Oliwia
marketing automation

Modern marketing is based on modern tools whose primary task is to automate promotional processes.  The opportunities available to marketers nowadays result primarily from the potential offered by the Internet.  The aforementioned automation is to help in the effective implementation of marketing and sales activities.  This involves not only intelligent solutions which learn about e-consumers’ behaviour and adapt the marketing message better, but also very deep analytics and access to statistics.  See what modern marketing automation is all about and how it can develop your business.

Marketing automation – what exactly is it?

If we reduce marketing automation to the simplest rule, we can say that it involves taking over traditional marketing (operated by an employee or a team) by fully-automated processes.

Marketing automation is aimed at relieving the team from performing repetitive activities which take a lot of time and, in consequence, are secondary.  Tasks such as sending an e-mail after registering a new user, e-mail notifications in the purchasing process, displaying personalised advertising messages can take place without the employee’s participation.

And how does marketing automation work?

The operation of automated marketing systems is based on segmentation of recipients, lead scoring (scoring), and, as a result of these two activities, on creating dynamic and personalised messages tailored to a specific e-consumer.

Segmentation of recipients involves collection of data and their proper classification based on the user’s behaviour on the website.  On the basis of this data, profiled messages are addressed to a specific recipient through various channels (search engine, social media or mailing).

Lead scoring is nothing else but awarding points to recipients.  Depending on what move the user makes and which of the users are closer or further to the end of the sales funnel, the algorithm helps to formulate the right marketing message.

The creation of a dynamic and personalised marketing content results from the collected data and the scoring given by the system.  Marketing automation knows which advertising content will be the most effective in attracting the user.  Therefore, the operation of the system will not only translate into an increase in e-consumer satisfaction, but also into an increase in the conversion rate.

What recognized tools are available on the market?

There is no shortage of solutions on the market which are ready to be implemented in any business. On foreign markets, we will encounter systems such as Hubspot, Marketo, Sendinblue or ActiveCampaign. We also have a representative who, as a pioneer of marketing automation in Poland, is still doing well on e-commerce markets.

SalesManago is a comprehensive solution with a great potential.  It helps to consolidate many of the marketing tools used so far into one efficient system leading to an increase in sales.  What are the examples of tools offered by SalesManago?  With its help, it is possible to create behavioural profiles, identify people entering the website or monitor user preferences.  SalesManago also offers multi-channel communication which, in turn, leads to a significant simplification and optimization of each online campaign.

Taking the SalesManago potential more specifically, the system provides, inter alia, for:

  • conversion analytics from various marketing channels,
  • analysis of the effectiveness of automation rules,
  • ROI analysis,
  • commitment analysis,
  • generating dynamic content,
  • identifying the tracking of user behaviour on the website,
  • life chat configuration,
  • personalized content on the website,
  • “lead nurturing”,
  • saving abandoned baskets,
  • lead scoring.

It is also worth mentioning the numerous integrations with external partners who provide valuable e-commerce solutions, such as MailChimp, Prestashop, Twitter, LiveChat or CallPage.

What benefits can we expect of implementing marketing automation?

Let us also note a number of other benefits which may be expected by a company implementing marketing automation in its promotional strategy.  They will include:

  • personalized communication presented in a multidimensional manner, allowing to increase user satisfaction, user retention, thus translating into increased sales,
  • expansion of the database of valuable newsletter subscribers,
  • releasing the marketing team from performance of repetitive tasks,
  • recovery of abandoned processes, such as, for example, abandoned shopping baskets, thanks to, inter alia, remarketing adjusting product recommendations,
  • adapting the content, its type and time of interaction to the user’s behaviour and expectations which translates into a higher conversion rate.

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