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24.09.2020 Angelika Siczek
pimcore 6.6

We announce that the new version of Pimcore is now available on the market! All this thanks to the Pimcore team, the committed community and enthusiasts of this tool. It turns out that as many as 250 code authors helped to develop them. Why is this so important news for us? The latest version includes over 100 enhancements to previous features and fixed bugs, and is another open source data management platform that has been further developed. This is a success not only for the Pimcore authors, but also for all programmers who can use the solution today.


What has changed – the new features of Pimcore 6.6

It is impossible to distinguish all of them among the new functions, so we will focus only on the most important and visible ones.


Ability to lock columns in the grid and save it in its configuration

After introducing the change, thanks to which you can now lock columns in the grid and save it in the configuration of the grid itself, we can now manage the data more easily – especially when they are located in many columns, and we can lock some of them. Enable this feature by selecting the “Enable Grid Locking” setting in the Data Object Class Configuration. Moreover, to make the setting permanent, you can save it to the grid configuration. This function is available for Pimcore resources and data objects.


Support for all custom media inquiries – DAM

The Pimcore thumbnail transformation pipeline (The Pimcore thumbnail transformation pipeline) is a powerful tool that automatically creates image thumbnails in the correct size and format suited to on-the-fly channels. In the previous version of Pimcore, only max width media queries were supported. Now you can define any media query. It is a really great help when carrying out work!


Configure asset thumbnails for a 1×1 image placeholder when no image is required

What does it mean? That in Pimcore 6.6. can be defined not to display an image or a thumbnail for some media queries. For example – the trailer element should not have an image in view on the mobile device. With Pimcore, you can set the option not to display the image for some media queries, and instead only show the 1×1 data-uri png8 image.


New thumbnail extensions – only .jpg

Another improvement is the ability to use only the .jpg extension in file thumbnails instead of pjpg and jpg. This change addresses issues with MIME discovery by object stores such as Amazon S3 and by other CDNs and services. Pimcore 6.6 allows you to completely ignore the standard file extension. Importantly, the PJPG format remains, only the extension changes to .jpg.


Ability to combine background task progress bars from the user interface

This is a new change that will surely please many users. The new progress bars are no longer modal and do not prevent you from continuing to work during long operations. In the new version, they are located in the lower right corner of the user interface. This makes it much easier to keep track of all tasks running in the background.



From now on, the user can set the date himself! There was no place for this in the older version, where the administrator was set as its owner in each version if you imported data into Pimcore using a script. The introduced improvement allows you to define a user and enter a custom modification date. A user ID set on an object with the setUserModification method is saved to the object table in the database when you call save on the object.


Compound index support for data objects

Complex indexes guarantee great benefits in terms of querying the database. Everyone who uses them will appreciate this new solution that will improve work.


High performance of different versions with multiple data relationships

Until now, saving a new version had a serious impact on performance when there were many relations between data. What happened is that in some cases it took more than 20 seconds to batch edit 25 data objects. Thanks to the introduced improvement, these operations are much faster. Moreover, they also improve the efficiency and speed of saving the new version.


The possibility of avoiding deadlocks caused by many parallel operations – updates and insertions.

Another innovation in Pimcore 6.6 is the ability to avoid deadlocks caused by many concurrent insert or update operations and to greatly speed up versioning as the tool works lightning fast. Performance has always been at the fore, which is why a lot of time and attention was paid to this option.


HTTP method configuration for static routes

Static routes are inherent to functions where dynamic URLs are needed. This is the case with product lists generated from a Pimcore list, when we want to create a detailed product page. Pimcore 6.6 now allows you to use configurable HTTP methods for static routes, similar to Symfony routes.


Do you want to know more about extensions in Pimcore 6.6? The authors of the project offer access to a lot of information on GitHub. You can also join social forums where you will share your knowledge and experience related to working with Pimcore, as well as find out how other users are doing. You will also find new products in this field from time to time, so we encourage you to follow our blog!

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