Pimcore 6 has already been released

24.09.2019 Angelika Siczek

Do you use the Pimcore platform? Its latest and most equipped version has just appeared – Pimcore 6.0. Enriched with new possibilities, it is already becoming the favorite open and seamlessly integrated digital experience platform (DXP). It offers an improved user interface, the latest technology solutions based on the Symfony 4 framework and many other advanced features for professionals using Pimcore.


Pimcore 6



This latest and most user-friendly version of the platform works much faster and smoother than its predecessors. Combines MDM / PIM, DAM, WCM and digital commerce. In addition to the revolutionized user interface, it also has an additional range of features that allow easier handling of products.


A team of specialists cooperating with over 200 members of the Pimcore community, developing version 6.0, cleaned the engine of an earlier type of platform. This made it possible to upgrade Pimcore to a more efficient PHP framework engine – Symfony Framework 4. It has over 3,000 co-authors, including 600,000 programmers, and is downloaded as much as 50 million times a month.


What does the new Pimcore engine offer? It makes the platform the dominant tool for enterprises that want to use an open source technology and definitely expand their business to become an industry leader.


Will the new version be compatible with your previous Pimcore platform? Of course, yes. Full backfitting is provided. Thanks to this, updating the current software is not complicated. You can do it quickly on your own.



The most important new features in Pimcore 6 include, above all, a completely revolutionized user interface. It guarantees pleasant experiences for both users and the administrator and website editors. The changed interface offers quick and easy editing to administrative users. So you can work with millions of product data records and manage thousands of sites easily.


The new platform has a clear and orderly appearance. Thanks to this, it is more pleasant to receive and more intuitive in navigation. Editors have the option of using the full UTF-8 character range for URLs and document names, in addition to available digital resources and data objects. This is a lot easier and a very useful function, especially when installing languages ​​other than Latin. It also improves the compatibility of the Pimcore platform in China and for other languages ​​around the world.


In “data objects,” the platform authors improved compatibility with complex use cases of MDM / PIM, adding support for adjusting tab positions (e.g., vertical). This type of function allows you to configure the page so that card panels and other fields are displayed at the top, bottom or side of the page.



The latest open source technology, which is Pimcore 6.0, is particularly appreciated by a group of programmers. After all, they have the opportunity to work with the cleaned source code, which has become more transparent. Symfony 4 Framework support allows developers to take advantage of many new features of this software in Pimcore projects.


Symfony 4 Framework itself is an improved version of Symfony 3, deprived of unnecessary functions and plugins. Due to the fact that it is a micro-framework, it allows developers to enable only those functions that they need at the moment. The authors of the new idea have created this application in such a way as to increase its scalability for various sizes of projects. So if you want to build a small API or a large web application, you can use Symfony 4. What’s more, it is currently the fastest PHP framework available on the market.



Although the Pimcore Data Hub has only recently been made available to users, new functions are added to it every day. This tool is tightly integrated with the Pimcore 6.0 platform. It provides a central graphical user interface (GUI) for transforming and preparing data for both output and input channels.


Pimcore Data Hub also makes Pimcore 6.0 compatible with GraphQL. Provides good and easier connectivity to Content-As-A-Service (CAAS) frontends such as PWA, Vue and React. Thanks to this, it is possible to transform data into output channels, e.g. mobile applications, in an extremely fast way.



Do you want to quickly edit data about products, customers, suppliers, employees or inventory? Data objects that manage available and ordered information offer you this option. The object grid is a powerful feature. It provides data overview during mass edition of records. By adding new solutions in the Pimcore 6.0 version, the authors have made the column configuration more flexible. It is therefore possible to transform data, save and share new configurations, use CSV import views and many other functionalities.



By using Pimcore 6 you have access to a platform that meets your needs. Thanks to it, you can personalize the experience of your clients and offer them a unique offer. How can this be done? The new version offers native web content management. The developed mechanism of behavioral customer targeting allows tracking user behavior fully on the server side and not, as before, on the browser side. It is also integrated with the free Pimcore customer data platform (CDP). Thanks to this, it enables the use of segmented customer data to personalize and personalize the commercial content presented to them.



The upgrade process itself is quite simple and fast. The new version will remove some obsolete Pimcore 5 features. The effort you make when installing the update will depend on how many obsolete features you use. Fortunately, the authors thought about simplification. Thanks to the added emergency option, any function that has not been indicated as a function to be withdrawn (it is not included in the withdrawal messages) will also work without any problems in Pimcore 6. However, be sure to also check the comments in the code, because not all functions generate a warning . All of them were annotated.


What if you don’t use outdated functions? In this case, the update should not be a problem. If no withdrawal messages appear, you can smoothly upgrade your platform to the latest version. Make changes to the composer.json file and click the composer update.


If any problems or errors occur during the upgrade process, you can report it to your service provider. You can do it via GitHub or on forums and on social media. The authors emphasize that they try to solve the problem immediately.


Also remember that previous versions of the platform (Pimcore 5) can only receive security patches. Such a platform will no longer be equipped with new features. Corrections will be made only in critical cases related to security. Details on how to proceed can be found on the platform provider’s website.



Would you like to learn how to use the Pimcore platform efficiently? Or maybe you want to train your programmers? The Pimcore Academy was established especially for this purpose. It was designed to show future users how to navigate the platform from every side – technical and functional – and how to build applications using Pimcore. At the Academy, you’ll learn how to create unique solutions that will support e-commerce.


The training platform, which is the Pimcore Academy, offers live training available on demand. There you will find all topics related to Pimcore. From data management to managing the experience of your clients. By using the available lessons, you’ll discover various possibilities. You will see code samples, learn tutorials and go through the appropriate exams.



In addition to the features mentioned, the new version of the platform has a number of other amenities that are of particular interest to programmers. There have been many improvements and fixes that make the platform easier to use. You can download Pimcore 6.0 for free and enjoy the first open source digital platform for entrepreneurs today!

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