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04.03.2022 Oliwia
pimcore x

Pimcore is an open source platform. It manages data and user experience. Since last year it is available in its tenth version, which is based on modern technology and has new features. What possibilities does the latest Pimcore X offer?

What is Pimcore X?

Pimcore is a Product Information Management (PIM) system. This means that its primary function is to manage product information in the on-line shops. However, the platform also has additional functionality. Therefore, it has become very popular and is now used by more than 80,000 companies worldwide. It is a software designed with the medium and large companies in mind, with the possibility of easy shop scaling and its growth.

Development of Pimcore X

The release of the latest version of the Pimcore platform took place on 31st March 2021. About two months earlier, a test version was launched, which could be downloaded and implemented on your website. The authors were waiting for comments and submissions from testers. In total, almost five hundred threads appeared and all were considered. In this manner, software under the open-source licence gains from the activity of its users.

The new version has undergone several disruptive changes, which are to further enhance the convenience of the users.


Leading-edge technology

Pimcore X uses the latest technologies. These include:

  • Symfony 5. It is a PHP framework that supports developers with ready-to-insert components on the website.
  • PHP 8 (which was released on the 26th of November 2020), ensuring a secure script execution)
  • ExtJS7 Modern toolkit. An overlay on Pimcore providing a set of tools such as: bread crumbs (supporting page navigation), view editor (grid configuration) or file architecture.
  • Primcore Datahub. An overlay on top of the Pimcore interface. It enables you to configure your own GUI (Graphic User Interface) in the platform.

This makes the use of the platform even more efficient and convenient. The positive experiences of the software developers have had with Pimcore X translate into the ability to implement the best currently available solutions into your shop.

Not much, in a matter-of-fact way

The new version of Pimcore focuses on significantly shortening a code and using it efficiently. Due to this the platform runs faster and better, resulting in a positive experience for both the software developers and the users of your website.

The Pimcore optimisation is a revolutionary change that may not be visible in the interface, but significantly increases the capabilities of the platform.

Something for administrators

The new functions have also been added for the website administrators and the users of the Pimcore platform. The most important of these are:

  • Perspectives Editor. It facilitates organising and processing data about products, customers and much more.
  • Autosave, thanks to which you do not lose the changes you have made if you switch off the programme.
  • Convenient updates so that you always have the latest version of the software.
  • Long-term support in case of issues, breakdowns or questions.

Thanks to the aforementioned, the Pimcore platform is even more suitable for large shops, where the amount of available data is very huge and their proper organisation is very important.

The most important benefits of using the new Pimcore X

Although Pimcore was originally intended to be a product information management system, it is now a platform that provides many other important functions, such as:

Master Data Management (MDM), including its architecture and configuration of attributes for the validation process, versioning mechanism, etc.

Digital Asset Management (DAM). Multifunctional manager for photos, graphics, videos and gifs.

Digital Experience Management (DXM). Management of the user experience associated with contact with the company.

Customer Data Platform (CDP). Management of customer data. Sales channels, including social media, and the creation of customer personas and their segmentation. This promotes the personalisation of the website for a given user.

Thanks to the integration of all systems, the Pimcore platform provides full support for running on-line shops. Optimisation ensures speed and comfort for the user.

Success of Pimcore X platform

The implemented and described above changes in Pimcore have brought the desired results. The platform works faster and more efficiently, and the users have gained new tools to work with their shops. Thanks to the open testing phase, all functions have been refined with the future users in mind based on their evaluations.

Pimcore X was a great culmination of 10 years of this platform and is today a great way to manage your on-line shop. The huge popularity and positive feedback confirm that the changes made in Pimcore have improved it.

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