The best additions to Pimcore

14.03.2019 Angelika Siczek
What is Pimcore and what can you do with it?
The Product Information Management (PIM) system is mostly implemented using a business application. It permits the management of multiple product information channels so that they can be accessed in one place without having to repeatedly insert data into different IT systems.
Pimcore is often used to implement PIM projects and content management systems (CMS) in e-commerce. It is a powerful and universal platform, the best software on the market for product data management systems. If you choose to implement Pimcore, it makes sense to establish additional plug-ins that permit integration, better workflow, and facilitate many other activities. Check out the list of Pimcore additions and find out which one is best for you.


Type: e-commerce
CoreShop is a frame plugin for the Pimcore system that lets you create a basic e-commerce store website. It is characterized by a very fast installation by the Composer tool and, above all, can update all available databases without having to issue more than two commands. It is an extremely intuitive software. By default, it contains everything you need for customers to shop in your online store. Cart, orders, shipping, assortment, offer, prices and other services. In addition, the CoreShop plugin can be extended by other necessary aspects.
If you are interested in installing the plugin for your Pimcore software, you can download it here:
A tip: After installing the plugin, add a payment provider like PayPal.


Type: integrations
Importing data from CSV/JSON/XML to Pimcore is oftentimes problematic. To solve this issue, a special ImportDefinition plug-in has been designed. It allows data integration and import to the platform. If your client wants to import the needed items himself, the Pimcore add-on was created for you.
It will allow you to define the import of objects using GUI (graphical user interface) and restarting imports whenever such need arises.
You can download the plugin at the following address:


Type: universal
The ProcessManager plugin is a package that adds a graphical user interface to the admin panel to help you run and control tasks in the background of your Pimcore. With this add-on, you can implement your own processes and produce the necessary reports. With a progress bar, you visualize the stage of the operation being performed.
You can download ProcessManager here:


Type: Pimcore workflow
WorkflowGUI plugin defines Pimcore workflow in the graphics mode. Additionally, the plugin was enriched by a workflow status check tool – Workflow Management. Thanks to it all the work can be strictly controlled.
Pimcore Workflow Management provides a configuration of many workflows on different Pimcore elements, including resources, documents and data objects. All this to support data keeping processes, life cycles of different elements and other processes.
You can download WorkflowGui here:


Type: Pimcore workflow
Pimcore-workflow-dashboard produces a view of the board displaying entire Pimcore workflow. Thanks to this, you can view all actions in one place, as well as observe the assignment of individual workflows to specific system operators.
You need to be careful though. Even though Pimcore-workflow-dashboard works well with Pimcore 5, for the Pimcore 5.5 version it should be corrected.
You can find Pimcore-workflow-dashboard here:


Type: universal
The Clipboard package offers the possibility of postponing and segregating the objects to different “compartments” or special areas. You can then perform operations only on selected and separated objects. No need to make any modifications to the structure of your entire project.
You can find Pimcore5-clipboard here:


Type: universal
Pimcore-devkit is a rich set of tools that help and facilitate the formulation of Pimcore applications. It is designed for wrapping Pimcore classes to allow their seamless use. The tools offered by the plugin are easy to use, and there is often a need to use them.
Download Pimcore-devkit here:


Type: administrator control
A Pimcore5-user-tracking add-on is a tool that enables you to track user actions on your site. It is an important GDPR plugin for Pimcore 5. It works by intercepting all requests. And then on saving them to the MangoDB database. Pimcore5-user-tracking memorizes all appearing requests and helps in their direct verification.
If you’re interested in the Pimcore5-user-tracking addition, please visit:


Type: implementation
Capistrano is an open-source tool for running scripts on various websites. Its principal purpose is the implementation of web apps. It enables automatization of the process of creating a new version of the application available on one or many servers. In the case of the Capistrano plugin for Pimcore 5, it supports the start of the platform. It supports running scripts and performing arbitrary tasks. It also includes a set of default work deployment flows.
Capistrano-pimcore5 is available here:

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