The best B2B system – what should it contain?

08.08.2019 Angelika Siczek
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What distinguishes the B2B system from other systems to support online activities? Its significant feature is that it is distinguished from the B2C system, which is more popular and often easier to implement. However, most of all the B2B platform, unlike other serving retail clients, has the ability to service several hundred customers who regularly make high-value orders for specific goods. Although this type of transaction is less than in the B2C store, the orders are much higher. For this reason, the specificity of sales in the B2B sector requires a suitable tool adapted to its character. So what should the best B2B system look like and what should it be like?


The best B2B system


What does the B2B system look like?

The most important task of the B2B system is to support the functioning of key enterprise processes. A well-chosen platform should accelerate and facilitate all types of activities, including their prioritization. Therefore, before making the final decision about choosing a system, it is worth considering a few parameters that it should have. What comes into their composition?


Order handling

It should be remembered that in business to business every order is personalized and can significantly differ from the others. When placing an order in the system, the customer must be able to adapt it to his individual needs. For this reason, B2B systems should be very flexible. Their task is to facilitate the process of submitting the offer inquiry and the preparation of the offer itself, as well as to simplify possible contact with the supplier. In addition, additional parameters such as rebates, discounts for selected product groups or the minimum sales amount are often set in such types of platforms. Everything is made to eliminate the waste of time on unprofitable transactions for two parties.


Settlement of transactions and issuing invoices

How can we say that the process of billing and invoicing orders is efficient and convenient to use? First of all, it is worth paying attention to whether it has a standardized API that will allow the exchange of data about orders and transfers of money between different systems. What’s more, the B2B platform should be able to recognize where the order is coming from – whether from an individual customer or from a company. This is important because due to the type of transaction, the appropriate tax is adjusted.


In order for the system to actually facilitate work, it should be able to automatically handle many activities, such as immediately sending copies of orders placed to appropriate systems. This is important because the more activities are automated, the more the platform will improve the work of the entire company.


Distribution of orders and warehouse control

If you have several or a dozen warehouses located all over the country, you realize how important the flow of information about the current state of stock is. To maintain the liquidity of sales, there must be a central point of management of your products. An efficient B2B system also helps in this matter, which makes it possible to supervise the entire ordering process – from the moment the order is accepted, through its implementation, to shipment. Thanks to the warehouse control through the platform, you are regularly informed about the change of order status, the availability of selected products, and even the possibility of sending a package from the point closest to the location of your client.


Customer database management

If you have the right B2B system you do not have to create a separate database of your clients. All their data and other relevant information and details about orders can be found in one place. A good platform also allows sharing clients due to the frequency of submitting RFQs or due to the level of the amount of orders. Thanks to this segmentation, you can more accurately adjust your offer to your contractors and make it more personalized. You can also encourage them to make further purchases by offering properly selected discounts.


Generating digital documentation

A good B2B system should be able to automatically generate many types of documents needed. Including sales reports, including accurate results and parameters, which would then be properly sorted and stored. This is important when conducting precise company documentation. It is worth remembering that currently digitized form of documentation is sufficient and there is no need to store its printed version. This helps to save space and time needed to prepare documents.


The mentioned features are inseparable elements of a good system for the B2B industry. So if your platform does not make it easier for you to carry out such tasks, it is worth considering updating or replacing it. Choosing the best B2B system is largely responsible for the success of the entire company, translating into successful ones. This is because if you take care of the “order in the back”, the quality and standard of customer service are also improved.

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