Biggest Magento Stores

01.08.2018 Angelika Siczek

Magento enjoys immense popularity among large online stores both in Poland and in the world. High scalability and the ability to adapt Magento to your own needs makes it a popular choice among large online stores and well-known recognizable brands.

Największe sklepy Magento


Missguided – fashion brand, Magento 1 store, 3.5 million sessions per month –
Paul Smith – fashion brand, Magento 2 Commerce store, 0.5 million sessions per month – – home furnishings, Magento 1 Enterprise store, 3M sessions per month
Richersounds – RTV/AGD store, Magento 2 Commerce store, 2 million sessions per month,
Harvey Nichols – fashion brand, Magento 1 Enterprise store, 1M sessions per month –
Omega Watches – watch manufacturer, Magento 2 Commerce store, 1.5 million sessions per month –


What’s the position of polish stores? It turns out that it’s pretty good, which only proves the popularity of Magento in our country among large e-commerce.

Eobuwie – a shoe store, Magento 1 store, 5 million sessions per month –
Castorama – a chain of building stores, Magento 1 store, a traffic of 7 million sessions per month –
Neonet – RTV / AGF chain stores, Magento 1 store, 4M sessions per month –
TIM – a network of B2B construction stores, Magento 1 store, traffic at the level of 750 thousand sessions per month –
Reserved – clothing brand, Magento 1 store, 8 million sessions per month –
Smyk – a chain of stores with children’s items, Magento 1 store, traffic at the level of 3.5 million sessions per month –
Is it possible that Magento stores in Poland outrun those in the world in terms of traffic? Does this prove that e-commerce in Poland is really developed and we can be proud of the large scalability of our solutions?

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