How can Magento help you with the digital transformation of your business?

17.05.2022 Angelika Siczek
how magento will help you with digital transformation

Digital transformation has been one of the essential IT buzzwords for some time now. Companies all over the world are now transforming their businesses to make them fully digitized and data-driven. There are many technologies and solutions that facilitate that complex process. Among many, the cloud plays a crucial role. Today, we’re going to show you how Magento (currently referred to as Adobe Commerce), Adobe’s e-commerce cloud platform, can help with your company’s digital transformation.

Before we talk about the role that Adobe Commerce plays in a digital transformation, let’s talk about this process. In short, it’s all about making your company digitally native and transforming your business model, procedures, and used technologies in order to adjust them to the needs of the modern digital world. Companies that went through a digital transformation successfully are capable of working from every place on Earth, 24/7. That’s because they are, at least to some extent, based on the cloud. After a digital transformation, you don’t have to invest in the IT infrastructure on-premises. All of your assets and software are kept and processed online.

The benefits of a digital transformation

  • Cost efficiency: Companies operating in the cloud can save a lot of money on purchasing, maintaining, and updating their IT infrastructure. There are almost no upfront costs, and everything is based on your current needs.
  • Flexibility: With the cloud, you use the exact amount of resources and technologies that you need at any given moment. There’s no need to maintain space or bandwidth because you paid for them.
  • Resilience: In general, the cloud offers a safe and resilient environment for your digital assets. You don’t have to worry about cybersecurity as these features are built-in the cloud that you use.
  • Scalability: After a digital transformation, you can run a business 24/7 from any place in the world. You have online access to everything you need to know or do. Cloud-based companies are easy to scale, and they grow quicker than others.

As you can see, making your business digitally native is simply profitable. Now let’s see how Adobe Commerce can help you with this multi-faceted process.


Magento/Adobe Commerce – not just an e-commerce platform

In the eyes of many, Magento is just another e-commerce platform, useful for online stores but no one else. That’s just partly true. Today, Adobe Commerce is a far more comprehensive cloud-based platform that enables you to do so much more than just manage your store. For starters, Adobe Commerce comes with thousands of different extensions that you can tailor to your needs. But more importantly, Adobe Commerce offers you access to a whole Adobe ecosystem that comprises several different platforms and features. Let’s take a closer look at them.



As we mentioned earlier, Adobe comes with an extensive ecosystem that comprises the following solutions and platforms:

  • Analytics: An advanced feature that helps you analyze your data and even use predictive intelligence. With Adobe’s Analytics feature, you can easily mix, match, and analyze data from diverse places in your business. 
  • Target: It provides you with personalization and testing options (e.g., A/B tests and AI-powered automation). With it, you can personalize and optimize every single element of your website or offer to the needs of your customers. Additionally, there is also an AI-fueled feature to tweak your results. With Target, you can make the most of omnichannel personalization.
  • Experience Manager: It’s a content and digital asset management system. It provides you with advanced tools to rapidly source, adapt, and deliver your assets and content across audiences and channels. It will also help you build responsive online forms with ease. Discover how Adobe’s Experience Manager will help you create personalized websites.
  • Sign and Creative Cloud: Digitally-native companies also have to look brilliantly. That’s why Adobe gives you access to Creative Cloud. An online platform with 20+ web and graphic design tools. With it, you will be able to create literally any visual content that you need. And what about Sign? It’s also a very useful feature that allows you to sign documents with your e-signature.


Summary: Adobe Commerce will help you with the digital transformation of your business

We have to be upfront here; Adobe Commerce has been designed primarily with online stores in mind; that’s a fact. But with it, you get access to the entire Adobe cloud environment, and that’s something special. With Adobe’s help, you can turn your business into a digitally-native company with all the assets, services, and solutions fully digitized and scalable. 

And if you need help with the digital transformation of your business, we’re here to help. At Global4Net, we support clients in executing all the processes and changes necessary to make their companies ready for the cloud environment. Drop us a line to find out more!

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