How does Magento CMS help your online store?

22.02.2022 Oliwia
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When you think about opening an e-business, one of the basic issues which should be considered is the choice of the platform on which the store will operate. The most popular platform, mentioned in all rankings, is the open source Magento platform. Developed by the community from around the world, the platform offers the entire spectrum of development opportunities and a possibility of building a solid sales space in online channels. Starting from a content management system, through high performance, being mobile-friendly, to optimized functionality and intuitiveness. It is no wonder that almost 300 thousand sellers from all over the world have decided to expand their eCommerce by taking advantage of the benefits offered by Magento.

Magento CMS – what makes it different?

The times when you had to hire a programmer to modify even the smallest piece of text on a website are long gone. Nowadays, even a short training in the content management system (CMS) of this or that sales platform is sufficient to perform many activities on your own. It is no different with the Magento platform, which provides an intuitive, functional and useful panel, thanks to which it is possible to enrich any website with engaging content. But these are not the only advantages of the entire platform which boosted the Magento’s position on the open source market. A fact that should not be ignored is that access to the Magento technology is free of charge. This eliminates a need of covering license fees and we get access to technical support. What else is worth noting in the context of the advantages?

Effective SEO

The platform is well prepared in terms of positioning an online store. We have access to many solutions supporting SEO activities. At each stage of content creation, we can use hints allowing us to optimize SEO-influencing elements, such as headings, meta descriptions, title attributes or key phrases. The URL structure itself is also at a very high level.

High performance

The Magento platform itself is relatively efficient, but if an e-store offers thousands of products, collects very extensive customer or order data and, in addition, must comply with the GDPR regulations, it may have problems with performance. Magento presents great potential in this regard. Manual optimization is possible, but nothing prevents you from using tools which will improve the performance of your online store with just a few clicks of the mouse. We have tools such as, for example, CSS Compressor + Image Optimization that can compress CSS, HTML or JS files, which will translate into a shorter page loading time.

Mobile friendly

The natural transition of users to purchases made via smartphones has been noticeable for several seasons. Statistics show that up to 95% of Internet users aged 18 to 29 use their phones for shopping purposes. Therefore, it is important to configure the e-store in such a way that it is easy to view the offer on the phone. The potential of the Magento platform in terms of optimizing the e-store for mobile traffic is extremely high. We have a whole arsenal of mobile optimization tools at our disposal, at the same time maintaining a fully functional and attractive desktop version.

Friendly integration with external partners

If you use partners who have a large product base and operate their business based on dropshipping, you can integrate your store with their systems. With the same efficiency, you will integrate your store with payment operators, couriers and, for example, fulfilment companies

A large community as a support

The community gathered around the platform covers almost 400,000 active users, specialists, programmers, web designers, shop owners, etc. This is the remarkable value of the entire platform, which has thus created a supportive environment. It is worth remembering that you can always consult specialists on specialized forums who will help you find a solution to your problem.

Impressive statistics confirming the effectiveness of the platform

The Magento platform has conquered the eCommerce market in a relatively short time for a reason. Currently, almost 300 thousand e-businesses benefit from this solution. In 2020, the market value of the platform was 13%, which meant a 4% growth compared to the previous year. There are over 200,000 programmers around the world using Magento.

These are just a few facts about the platform which confirm its effectiveness on the way to achieving better and better sales results.

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