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06.02.2020 Angelika Siczek
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Did you know that, according to the Magento’s analysis, as many as 93% of B2B customers choose online shopping? This fact ceases to surprise, because online shopping is definitely more convenient than their traditional form. By using this opportunity as a company, you provide your customers with information directly from suppliers. Thanks to this, you save their time and easily meet their needs for knowledge of specific products. However you still needs dedicated solutions and Magento 2 Commerce might just be right option for you. 

However, this is not all that B2B customers expect. Information is only the basis. They also require an intuitive shopping process, personalized offers and the ability to manage their account. These are all options available in the B2C model with a combination of elements of traditional B2B transactions. Magento 2 offers these possibilities. The platform is able to manage complex organizational structures and many users with different roles and levels of authority. Discover the available functions that you can use by choosing Magento 2 Commerce!

What B2B features does Magento 2 Commerce offer?

As we have already mentioned, Magento 2’s task is to simplify purchases in the B2B model as much as possible. The tool therefore offers a number of facilities for customers and people operating the platform. Here are the most important features that are available in Magento 2 Commerce.

Intuitive self-service tools

Thanks to the Magneto 2 Commerce, the customer can independently manage company accounts, purchases, available offers and credit options. Thanks to such a lot of freedom, the user feels that he is treated individually, that he saves time, simplifies routine B2B processes and has a full sense of influence on the transaction.

Roles and permission setting for buyer’s account

This is a significant convenience, especially for large companies, where several people are responsible for purchasing. What’s more, Magento 2 allows you to define unique sets of roles and permissions for each buyer. This allows several employees to perform different activities on the same account.

Various payment options

Magento 2 Commerce allows you to increase your sales thanks to various payment options. Your customers can make payments to the account or pay by card. This greatly facilitates transaction handling.

Individual product catalogs 

Thanks to these options, as a salesman you have the opportunity to create separate offers for your customers. So you can assign custom catalogs and prices to different contractors. Thanks to this, you can easily meet the conditions of contracts with your partners.

Offer request management

The ability to manage requests for quotes makes it easier for you to negotiate the offered price conditions. The Magento 2 Commerce platform has an intuitive interface with an improved online workflow.

Fast ordering 

It involves the possibility of your customers ordering several products in bulk. They can enter multiple SKUs and send CSV files with them.

Product demand lists and quick replenishment

With the ability to quickly refill and re-order, you can let your customers create demand lists for frequently purchased products. You will shorten the time of placing the order and allow it to be used for other duties. You can also offer customers to make exactly the same order as before (re-ordering).

Unlike the wish list, the requisition lists are not cleaned after the customer adds products to the cart. So you can use them to place further orders.

Demand lists give shop visitors the opportunity to combine frequently purchased items. Then customers use these lists to place orders, which significantly improves the quality of purchases.

Sales support 

Thanks to the reliable support of Magento 2 Commerce, which is Adobe Commerce Cloud, the platform allows you to solve problems with orders for customers. So you will quickly remove any obstacles and finalize transactions.

B2B volumes 

Because Magento 2 Commerce (Adobe Commerce Cloud) handles large orders regardless of their scheme, your customers can add up to 300 items of product data to the cart.

Advanced Analytics 

By creating advanced analytical tools, you get very detailed information from over 25 B2B transaction-oriented reports. All data is presented in an accessible way – on easy-to-use dashboards.

Most used B2B functions of Magento 2 Commerce (Adobe Commerce Cloud)

Below we present selected features of the Magento 2 Commerce B2B platform in detail. They are often used by entrepreneurs to streamline transactions between companies.  

Custom prices and shared catalogs

The Magento 2 Commerce allows you to build strong relationships with your business partners. This happens, among others due to the ability to assign custom product prices to a specific customer. So you can create many specific price lists directed to different buyers. What’s more, the platform allows displaying default prices for guest users who are only visiting your site.

Adobe Commerce Cloud also allows you to limit the visibility of selected products and even entire categories in specific price schemes. You can also set prices based on a percentage discount or other custom value.

Credit Limit

A significant proportion of clients from the B2B sector use the offered loans. So let’s put this opportunity to become a more attractive supplier. Thanks to Magento 2 Commerce, you will allow companies to complete transactions with deferred payments. Credit limits are linked to the merchant’s credibility. Credit lines are therefore based on your purchase history and payments.

All transactions and payments made by the company are captured from the platform. Thanks to this, the checkout page offers an additional payment method “Payment to your account”, automatically reducing the limit. Remember that credit limits are fully synchronized with ERP.

Negotiating price offers

In Magento 2 Commerce, you can negotiate prices. Thanks to this, B2B customers can change the content of their shopping carts into an offer instead of sending an order. You, as the store owner, can send an answer, set prices or add a comment to the submitted offer.

This improves communication between two business partners. Customers reach you directly from their accounts in the user interface. In turn, as an administrator, you find all the necessary instruments in your administrative panel and you can respond to their expectations.

Quick order

It’s true that your clients usually know exactly what they need. For this reason, quick orders at Magneto 2 Commerce are so important. Thanks to information about SKUs of desired products, B2B customers do not have to browse the entire catalog. It is only necessary to send multiple SKUs at the same time to create an order. In this way, the purchase becomes more user-friendly.

Additional B2B benefits in Magento 2 Commerce (Adobe Commerce Cloud)

In addition to the basic functions, the Magento 2 Commerce platform offers additional features to improve B2B trading. Discover additional benefits and see why you should choose such a solution for your business.

System for business

Thanks to the Magento 2 Commerce selection, you get all the functions necessary for successive online trading in the B2B sector without having to install additional third-party extensions. The platform enables site management with many brands, trading partners and business accounts. Therefore, your partners use a store oriented on their needs with numerous intuitive product page interfaces, with the possibility of mass ordering of goods and independent management of a company account by various people with specific permissions. So customers can easily track your offers, detailed histories of their orders, manage available credits and use other custom options.

Individual approach to clients

In the era of ubiquitous internet access, the most important is personalization of the message and a sense of uniqueness of the client. Thanks to Magento 2 Commerce you can guarantee it. You can offer your B2B customers custom catalogs and price lists, dedicated promotional content, individual offers and discounts, and even payment options (e.g. payment to an account or payment by credit card). In this way, you care about the convenience of shopping with you.

Intelligent order and inventory management

The Magento 2 Commerce platform allows you to streamline operations with a single order management solution. At the same time, the platform offers the ability to create inventory in real time from the entire supply chain. As a store administrator, you can reduce the time needed to manage various routine processes, and make them more precise thanks to automated business rules. What’s more, Magento 2 Commerce helps optimize delivery costs and delivery times.

Thanks to the platform, you also offer your customers quick and convenient purchase options. They can place orders using the method:

  • entering multiple SKUs,
  • uploading CSV files,
  • select items from the requisition list,

You can also create orders on behalf of your customers or respond to their inquiries without additional tools, from the store administrator level.

Experience in contact with the store independent of the device

To encourage the user to buy, you need to ensure his involvement and comfort in using the website. To this end, websites optimized for mobile devices are created that meet the needs of people using this type of device. Otherwise, customers accustomed to simple operation from desktop devices will not want to make purchases online on a platform not adapted to the mobile device.

For this reason, Magento Commerce 2 offers the possibility of shopping on all types of devices, guaranteeing the same experience. Therefore, the customer can place an order at any time and in the most convenient way. The content and templates presented to him will be suitably adapted to the requirements of its arrangement.

Hassle-free management

Magento 2 Commerce is a leading cloud trading solution. It offers a platform with the highest reliability. The existing backend system is intuitive, user-friendly and very efficient. You can also easily connect it to external systems via the API, using improved import and export that can significantly speed up your operations.

As you can see, the Magento 2 Commerce B2B platform brings a lot of benefits for both buyers and sellers. This is a very useful tool, especially for people who run an extensive and multi-channel business. In addition to all of the above, the great advantage of Magento 2 Commerce is that the platform can also be used in B2C trading. So you can easily sell your goods to final consumers via the same website.

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