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16.05.2019 Angelika Siczek
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In 2018, the Task Force belonging to Magento chose a task to be carried out. The Magento community voice was heard and the Magento Association was created. This was done in cooperation and in consultation with many members of the community and stakeholders. From now on, the goal of the organization will be to create an independent nonprofit community in an organized manner. It will deal with education, networking and general support for the Magento society. These are the things that the creators of Magento have dealt with so far, but have now created an additional staffing structure.
Magento Association
The fundraising and staff hiring took some time. The creators aspired to follow the opinion of the community for which they undertook this mission. It is a time-consuming process to gather all opinions and consider all ideas in a diverse ecosystem. The aim of this work is to write a 3-year plan and statute of the organization, in which all the definitions and provisions relevant to the community are found. In order to create a supervisory board that will look after the organization, more than one hundred applications have been reviewed. Eight candidates were chosen to be members of the inaugural management committee. It includes Rebecca Brocton, Juan Ignacio De Paula, Hilda Fontana, Guido Jansen, Viacheslav Kravchuk, Danny Verkade, Joshua Warren, and Kuba Zwolinski.
The members of the association form a diverse but technology-focused group of sellers, programmers and community leaders. They all were dedicated co-creators of communities concentrated on the further development of Magento. The main representative will be Ben Marks together with Brittany Mosquerą. Josh Berman from SithBucklin, who actively contributed to the development of the organization will take the role of the managing director.
Just one year after announcing the task of creating a personnel structure, a supervisory board composed of talented leaders was created. They will observe the Magento community under the authority of its statute. They will organize and facilitate the community development process. However, volunteers from outside the supervisory board are just as important to the entire project. Magento Association encourages the takeover of the initiative as the first step towards the further development of the community. Co-operation may be offered for suitably active people.
Even though the presence and operation of the supervisory board is an important step towards the development of any organization, its healthy functioning, and prompt improvement are founded on the activities of the rest of the community members towards accomplishing a common concept of the organization. The creators support the community members to subscribe to the organization’s newsletter. As it is the best way to stay updated on all organizational changes and career possibilities. If you already benefit from the community’s achievements, this means that this type of activity goes hand in hand with your interests and professional background. Further growth between leaders from around the world is the best way to achieve new experience and additional contribution to the development of the organization.

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