Magento Closes MagentoGo

05.07.2014 Angelika Siczek
The Magento platform, owned by eBay, informed that it will abandon two of its products intended for small and medium-sized businesses, MagentoGo and ProStores. The company posted relevant information on the pages of both products and a guide to help migrate stores to other platforms. In total, both products are used by nearly 10,000 sellers.
Purchased in 2011 by eBay for less than 180 million dollars, Magento conducts an information campaign in which it informs the clients by email that it was not an easy decision and the company understands that this may not be a message well-perceived by sellers.
The company also informs that both products will be supported until January 2015, so that the platforms of existing users can operate smoothly during the hot sales period.
Customers can, of course, migrate their stores before Christmas if they so wish. As an official partner for migration, Magento has designated competitive BigCommerce software, since the company has experience in migrating Magento stores.
In the online statement, the company reveals that it wants to focus on the development of two flagship products, Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, which meet the needs of small and medium e-commerce businesses operating in an increasingly competitive environment better.
It should be noted, however, that Magento Community is intended for larger sellers in need for higher flexibility in the code of their platforms, while Magento Enterprise as the name suggests is for those sellers whose turnover from online trading is at least several millions of zlotys a year.
In the documentation included in MagentoGo, the site owner explains that the changing market requirements were an important factor in making the decision to close the platform. Meanwhile, two versions of flagship products offer facilities unavailable in Go like responsive design or new payment options.
This type of actions may indicate that despite supporting smaller businesses, Magento wants to focus on the larger clients that bring the most revenue to the company.

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