Magento Innovation Labs joins forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

21.05.2020 Angelika Siczek
magento joins forces with aws

Great ideas are often born during brainstorming. Similarly, with large enterprises that arise by joining forces of two or more giants. Using this type of experience, two significant IT companies have decided to follow in the footsteps of success – Magento Innovations Lab is expanding its existing partnership with Amazon Web Services. Going beyond cooperation in cloud solutions, it enlarges the ranks of developer communities. The company emphasizes the great joy of being able to invite programmers and partners to collaborate to create new Magento opportunities by combining AWS innovations with Innovation Labs proposals.


Magento Innovation Lab - AWS


How will Magento Innovation Labs work with Amazon Web Services?

It is worth emphasizing the special importance of technology in modern commerce. It is it that drives all kinds of changes and innovations in all its aspects. Without the newly created solutions, a significant part of e-commerce companies would not be able to function efficiently and would base their activities on outdated IT systems.


What is the promise of cooperation between two major companies in the technology and trade industry? For its part, Magento Innovations Lab presents creative work developed by the global Magento community to promote early technology implementations on the Magento e-commerce platform. From merchandising, to customer service, to the payment process and all other important points of contact with the customer. The introduced innovations enable developing sales businesses to provide their customers with unique solutions in the field of online retail. In turn, Amazon Web Services has a wide range of experienced specialists who will enthusiastically undertake cooperation on developing the Magento platform and improving it in every way. This community has a long history behind it, which makes Magento even more responsible for providing unique products. And what’s more, it obliges it to instill a culture of innovation and provide a basis for anticipating, discovering and implementing a satisfying User Experience of customers, which will translate into generating profits and significantly increasing profits using the platform of sellers.


What Amazon services will Magento developers use?

Among the services offered by Amazon there are many tempting options. Thanks to joining forces, Magento will be able to use:


 – Visual search using AWS Recognition. It’s an uncomplicated and easy-to-use API that can quickly analyze any video stored in Amazon S3.


– Machine Learning services (ML). They make it easier for developers, even with no experience with ML, to create in Amazon Personalize individual recommendations for clients in their own application. What’s more, they will also allow you to combine time series data with additional variables to make predictions using Amazon Forecast.


– Voice Commerce with the amazing skills of Alex’s assistant. This will allow you to search for products by voice, compare them with each other, check the status of the order and perform other operations needed when shopping online.


What else will cooperation offer?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner programmer who builds your first AWS application, or want to broaden your skills, delve into technical documentation or share ideas, thanks to the cooperation of two companies, as a Magento programmer you gain greater access to:


– Programmer’s guides, which are a real treasury of knowledge (

– Free AWS programming accounts for registered partners or community developers.

– Constant technical support that will help solve any problems encountered.

– Hosted office hours.


Why is the combination of Magento and AWS worthwhile?

The partnership between Magento Innovations Lab and Amazon Web Services is a natural progression in supporting the program by the programming community, which also aims to promote the introduction of continuous innovation on the Magento Commerce sales platform. The Magento and AWS community is highly expansive, passionate, and above all, constantly strives to improve the quality of online shopping for both sellers and their customers, regardless of the size of their businesses. For this reason, not only the companies that will gain mutual support, but above all the entrepreneurs using their services will benefit from the joining the forces.

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