Mirat.eu – we have introduced Magento for the furniture industry

18.08.2020 Angelika Siczek
Mirat meble wdrożenie Magento

Mirat.eu is one of the largest online stores on the Polish market with a wide range of unique home and office furniture, as well as accessories and decorations.


Functionalities supporting sales

Additional contact form

On each product page there is a contact form from which the customer will be able to send an inquiry regarding the product



On the website you can find a search engine with the function of suggesting the most searched phrases and tiles of sample products matching the entered phrase, where the user will see a product thumbnail, price, name and size, as well as search immediately by categories. In addition, the customer has the option of checking what was recently searched for or viewing popular products.



The user can use filters that narrow the search and make it easy to find an item – he can search, for example, by color, manufacturer, style, price – and others, depending on the category.


Slide filters

In order to make it easier for the user to navigate the store, in addition to traditional filters on the website, you can use slide filters that allow you to refine your preferences, e.g. price range.


Product page

On the product page, the customer can find everything he needs to make a purchase. In addition to the photo gallery, price and the option to choose a color (also in the form of a visualization), there is information about the estimated shipping time, product description, technical data, payment and delivery information. The user can also find the opinions of other people who bought the item, or add their own.



The customer has the option to buy a given item in installments – clicking on the link on the product page will take you to the external website of the bank.


Compare products

The user can add products for comparison – thanks to this, he has access to technical parameters, available colors, delivery time. He can also directly add the product to the cart or favorites and also print the comparison page. You can also see the number of stars given by customers in the reviews for each product (if the product has added reviews).



After adding a product to the basket, the user has the option of checking the mini-basket at any time – its contents, quantity of ordered items, total costs and going to the basket or directly to finalizing the order.



The user may add his e-mail address to the database, to which he will receive notifications about the latest promotions or offers.


Add to favorites

The customer has the option of adding a product to their favorites, thanks to which they will easily return to the selected item in the future.


Selected products

On the main page, the user can find the Selected products section, in which there are thumbnails of products with the given name and price – if there is a promotion, the label -% is displayed and the discounted price is also shown.



Labels, such as “New”, “Bestseller”, “Delivery PLN 0”, “- X%” and similar are displayed on products in each category. Thanks to this, the user can easily quickly find out whether a given product will receive free shipping or whether it is currently on sale.



On the website, the user has the opportunity to view the visualization of inspiration, from which he can go directly to the page of the subject he is interested in.

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