The end of support of Magento 1

06.09.2018 Angelika Siczek

Magento officially announced the end date of support for Magento 1. Bearing in mind that many companies actively used Magento version 1, the official Magento support was systematically prolonged, but ultimately the company decided to publish the official end date of the support.


As Magento stated on its website, the official support for Magento 1 in both the Commerce version (formerly Enterprise) and the Community will end in June 2020. This means that after that date no more updates or security patches will be issued. Magento version 1 premiered in March 2008 and quickly gained a multitude of supporters becoming one of the most popular platforms in the world and the only e-commerce platform in the Open Source version that gives such a huge opportunity to sellers. On November 17, 2015, Magento 2 was officially released, the aim of which was to provide new ways to increase user engagement, smoother navigation, better conversion rates and generate revenue for store owners. Among the improved features of Magento 2 are reduced problems with blocking tables, improved page buffering, enterprise-class scalability, embedded enriched fragments of structured data, new file structure with easier personalization, pre-processing of CSS using LESS!$#amp#$! CSS URL resolver, improved performance and a more structured code base. Magento uses the MySQL or MariaDB relational database management system, PHP programming language, and Zend Framework elements. Magento 2 introduced the Model-View-ViewModel to the front-end code using the Knockout.js library and the JavaScript library.


Magento 2 has come a long way to become a stable system that will ensure business security as good as Magento 1. Due to the achievement of the appropriate level of maturity by the new system, Magento decided to announce the ending date of support for the predecessor. It is, therefore, the best time to plan a migration to the new system. Currently, Magento 2 already has over 2,000 available extensions, and new solutions are created every quarter. The Magento 2.3 version is already on the horizon. Every quarter, nearly 8,000 new stores are opened in comparison to 30,000 existing stores. Magento 2 is definitely gaining momentum, new features are being expanded, moreover, the speed and efficiency are increasing with every new version. It is the best moment to migrate to the new system.

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