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27.10.2016 Angelika Siczek
Prezentokracja is a website that offers unusual gifts. In their offer, you will find a wide variety of emotions and experiences. Balloon flight, driving an extreme car, skydiving or diving course are just a few examples of the proposals available on the site.
Prezentokracja - strona główna


One of the first functionalities that appeared in the concept of developers was a constant observation of the cart. In practice, this solution is a popup that lets the user know about what products have been ordered so far. Additionally, next to the cart there is also a counter showing its current status, which allows you to control purchases on an ongoing basis.


The described functions have been created with special regard to UX, providing for intuitive navigation on the site, the most important result being the shortening of the purchasing process. Among the many facilities you can notice:
– link transferring the user to the page with news and last minute offers,
– advanced search engine that allows you to choose products for opportunities, locations, categories, recipients or prices,
– the possibility of automatic redirection to the subpage of the most often bought items,
– the opportunity to evaluate the purchased product and compare the opinions sent by other customers.
Each of the functions can be adjusted directly by the store administration panel. As a result, the process of making changes in the tabs is extremely quick, without the need to involve more people or an external company.

INTEGRATION WITH A BLOG is also integrated with the company’s blog, where reviews of offers are displayed. Publications are created in the style of reportage and allow you to get acquainted with the course of the contract. This free form of advertising is considered one of the most powerful, that’s why it was taken care of its relevant graphic design (instead of a static banner, a short, eye-catching video was used) and displaying a button that links to published materials.
Moreover, the website has also introduced a subscription form for the newsletter, which has been integrated with the MailChimp system. In order to obtain the most valuable mailing base, the double opt-in option was used, asking the user to confirm the subscription (the first from the website and the second in the form of an activation link sent to the email address provided). This allows you to minimize the e-mailing bounce rate in the future.


When designing the solutions used on the site, developers also paid close consideration to the fact that all processes are subject to maximum simplification. An example of this procedure can be a contact form, which in addition to the content itself requires only the name of the sender.
Furthermore, product cards were maintained, the fundamental element of which is only a photograph and a brief description of the experience being ordered. There is also the opportunity of sorting products according to specific attributes (recommended, new products, price), which makes it easy to quickly find a product that meets consumer expectations.
As part of the described functionality, the chance of evaluating the offer with stars was also introduced. Based on that, a list of the most popular experiences is developed, which serves as an advisory function for other clients. The offer can also be published on the selected social network (on the product page there are icons that enable the product card to be shared to your profile).

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